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How much it costs to park in Sydney

It can cost up to $7.60 to park on the street in Sydney. That’s relatively cheap compared to going to the beach. It’s $9 per hour at Balmoral Beach in summer or $10 per hour ($15 in a car park) at Manly Beach. Is Sydney’s parking the most expensive in the world? Read More

Nobody wants passenger cars anymore

Only one passenger car entered the Top 10 sales charts in February 2022, the first time on record. Australians have made a big shift in their preferences. After all, the last time passenger cars outsold SUVs was in 2016. Is it true nobody wants passenger cars anymore? Read More

What happens if my vehicle is unregistered?

It’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle and you can pay heavy penalties. However, you can get a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle in certain cases. If you don’t want to re-register a vehicle for any reason, you can cancel registration altogether. Read More

Why don’t we stop drink driving?

How often do you see police cars lined up to random breath test passing drivers? It was much less common in 2020, yet a bigger percentage of drivers had illegal alcohol levels in their blood. The NRMA claims we’ve become more complacent about drink driving, but are there other reasons? Why don’t we stop drink driving?

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Other types of vehicle registration in NSW

In this series on registration and licensing in NSW, we’ve talked about standard vehicle registration. However, there are other types of registration available. These include historic and classic, conditional and seasonal registration. You may also be eligible for registration concessions. Read More

How do you remember your rego?

Remembering when your registration is due can be like trying to remember your wedding anniversary. stickers can at least help you remember your rego. You need to keep your vehicle registered to remain legal – and to save the cost of starting a new registration. Read More

Hybrids are Australia’s favourite electric cars

Australians are buying 10 new hybrids for every new electric vehicle. Yet there are far more media stories about EVs than about hybrids. Do buyers think hybrids are better than EVs for our conditions? Or are they just not convinced to take the plunge into electric? Read More