local servo

The future of your local servo

Did you know most people visit their local servo about once a fortnight? What’s going to happen if 30% of new car sales by 2030 are electric vehicles? Some say many service stations will have to close. Others say it’s an opportunity to create new community hubs. It depends how convinced Australians are about driving EVs. Read More

buy cars

Change in the way we buy cars

In the last 4 years, Australians have changed the way they buy cars. They’re taking longer to do it, and spending more time researching online. Choice is also very influenced by their spouse or partner. However, there is a gap between the vehicle they intend to buy and the one they actually buy. Read More

The van life – with your dog

Summer holidays are just around the corner and many people will be packing their vans for a trip. Van sales are booming and so are pet sales. In Australia, we already have more household pets than people, so you will probably be taking your dog on holiday too! Read More

Car theft watchdog closes its doors

Every 12 minutes somebody in Australia steals a car and more than a quarter of owners never see it again. Even so, the theft watchdog, National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, has just closed its doors. Be extra vigilant if you own a Holden Commodore/Toyota HiLux, live in Penrith/Tamworth, or go out on Friday/Saturday nights.

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How much fuel is really in your tank?

Most of us have inconveniently run out of fuel at least once. This is not so bad if you have roadside assistance close at hand. But why do we run out? One study says we may just be over reliant on the fuel gauge. However, a lot more depends on how and where we drive and there are simple ways to make fuel last longer. Read More

Why you need the exact vehicle model variant

We constantly update the Calculator to reflect new prices or any new information that insurers require. For some vehicles and insurers, greenslip prices now depend on the particular variant of a vehicle model. This is why we ask you to select your vehicle model variant. Read More

How do I transfer registration in NSW?

Most people need to transfer registration of their vehicle at one time or another. The most common reason is when you want to buy or sell a car. Or perhaps you are moving to NSW and want to transfer vehicle registration from your state or territory. Find out how to transfer registration in NSW. Read More

One company owns Sydney’s toll roads

One company – Transurban – now controls all Sydney’s toll roads, except for the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. In fact, Sydney is the toll capital of the world, with 135 kilometres of tolled roads and more on the way. Did you know toll prices are rising twice as quickly as real wages? Meanwhile, some truck drivers are paying out more in tolls than they receive in wages. Read More