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road rage

Road rage – Is it getting worse?

Do you think there’s more road rage than there used to be? It’s reported that over three quarters of drivers have witnessed road rage and the proportion of road users threatened or harmed in an incident has doubled in 2 years. What are we getting upset about and why? Read More

The big car habit

Should we kick the big car habit? Australians love big, chunky SUVs and light commercial vehicles that can carry a tonne. There are several good reasons why we like them, including safety, space and tax breaks. But if we kicked the habit, what would we buy instead? Read More

demerit points

Demerit points for different drivers

If you break certain traffic rules, you get demerit points on your licence. Most drivers are suspended if they get 13 or more demerit points in 3 years. However, demerit limits depend on whether you are on Ls or Ps, unrestricted or you work as a professional driver. Read More

country roads

How to stay safe on country roads

More people die on country roads than in the cities. Why? Country roads are more likely to be narrow, unsealed, potholed, or have deep ditches. Drivers tend to travel longer distances and are more prone to accidents in poor weather or with wild animals. Find out how to stay safe on country roads. Read More

parallel parking

Why don’t we like parallel parking?

Is it true that nobody likes parallel parking? Are men more confident at parking than women? The answers are not as obvious as you might think. As more cars park themselves, there may come a time when we don’t know how to do it.

Read More

parking station

Why parking is getting harder

Do you think it’s getting harder to park? If you live in the city, it’s getting harder because many cars have outgrown the standard size parking space. This means there’s more chance of damage while parked. Find out whether your green slip covers you for car park accidents or prangs and scrapes. Read More