Allianz Green Slip Comparison

Details and information on purchasing Allianz green slips

Phone 13 1000
Phone hours For claims, 7.30am to 10pm everyday
For purchase or enquiry, 8am to 9pm weekdays, 8am to 5pm weekends
In person Major motor dealers, brokers and agents
Quote / purchase online Yes
At-Fault Driver Cover Not available. Since 1 September 2021, Allianz stopped offering Driver Protection Cover. Existing policyholders will continue to be covered until their policy expires.
  – Number of benefits  6
  – Maximum benefit  $250,000
  – Average benefit  $80,833
  – Notable exclusions  Motor bikes
  Goods carrying vehicles GVM greater than 4.5 tonnes
  Vehicles that are 10 years old or more at the commencement of CTP insurance
  Drivers under 25 years old

A more detailed comparison of Allianz and the Allianz green slip is on the Compare page.

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