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CTP Green Slip Complaints

Complaints about CTP green slip prices, quotes and sales can be made to SIRA

If you wish to complain about your CTP greenslip price or if you wish to complain about how an insurer provides greenslip quotes or sells greenslips, you can submit a complaint to State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

Complaints may include complaints about representations made by agents, brokers or re-sellers for the insurers, particularly representations which are not honoured or which are not capable of being honoured.

Before referring any complaint to SIRA you should first speak to the insurer involved and try to resolve the issue with the insurer. Concerns may be resolved if you express your concern to the insurer.

Remember, greenslip prices are set by the insurers, not by SIRA. An explanation as to how greenslip prices are set, including the factors insurers consider when setting greenslip prices, is set out on this site.

In addition to speaking to the insurer, you can discuss your complaint with SIRA's CTPAssist on 1300 656 919.

Complaints are investigated by SIRA. You will be advised of the progress of your complaint. A record of all complains is retained and a summary of the types of complaints is published in SIRA's Annual Reports.

Since 1 April 2015, complaints no longer need to be in writing and can be made over the phone by contacting CTPAssist on 1300 656 919. For any complaint, you need to provide your address, copies of relevant greenslip renewal notices, a description of the issues and nature of your complaint, copies of other relevant information and information on feedback from the insurer.

Information on submitting a complaint and the address for delivery of complaints is set out in full on SIRA's website.