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Truck and Bus Green Slips

Truck and bus green slips – Green slip quotes NSW- Green slip prices NSW – NSW CTP insurance comparison

Our Calculator and the calculator operated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) provide price estimates for trucks up to 4.5 tonne GVM. The calculators do not work for trucks in excess of 4.5 tonne GVM or for buses.

If you are seeking greenslip price information for a truck in excess of 4.5 tonne GVM or for a bus, you need to contact your insurance broker or you can contact each insurer directly to determine the cheapest CTP price.

Contact details for each of the six CTP green slip insurers in NSW are on this website.

You are also welcome to contact us on 02 9223 0102 if you require additional information or assistance.

Most truck or bus owners will be registered for GST and the vehicles are likely to be part of a fleet.

The Fleet Greenslips page of this website identifies that CTP Green Slip Insurance prices in NSW can be cheaper for fleets.

If you are registered for GST, it will also affect your green slip quote and green slip price in NSW.

The impact of claiming an input tax credit for GST on your NSW CTP insurance quote or price is explained in the Business Greenslips and GST page of this website.

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