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Other CTP Green Slip Factors to Consider!

In addition to price, there are other factors worth considering before purchasing your CTP Green Slip

After you have compared prices, it is worth considering several other factors before purchasing your CTP green slip.

Discounts on Other Products

Two of the six insurers, GIO and NRMA Insurance, offer discounts on other products if you also hold your CTP Green Slip with them.

If you have a No Claim Discount of at least 60% on your Comprehensive Insurance, GIO offers a discount of $50.00 off your Comprehensive Insurance.

NRMA Insurance offers Loyalty discounts on certain other insurance products, between 5% and 12.5%, if you bundle your CTP Greenslip and other products with them.

Analysis of the discounts offered by the insurers is set out on this site.

At Fault Driver Cover

Two of the six insurers offer At Fault Driver Cover as an additional feature.

At Fault Driver Cover is a worthwhile additional feature.

The schedule of benefits, quantum of benefits and exclusions vary from insurer to insurer.

A full explanation of At Fault Driver Cover and insurer by insurer analysis of At Fault Driver Cover is set out on this site.

6 Month CTP Green Slip and Rego Renewal

For most common vehicle types, you can buy your CTP green slip and renew your registration for six months rather than twelve months.

You do not actually save money over the course of a year, but it does help with cash flow.

If you want to renew your registration for six months, the RMS will only let you do it online or over the phone. If you are renewing your registration for six months, your CTP green slip must also be for six months.

More information on renewing your registration and buying a ctp green slip for six months is set out on this site.

As well as Discounts, At Fault Driver Cover and six month registration renewal, there are other factors you may choose to consider. These include brand loyalty and access to branches for payment in person.

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