Vehicle Shape Codes

Every vehicle has a shape code

Every type of vehicle registered in NSW has a vehicle shape code. Vehicle shape is important for charging the correct registration fees and green slip premiums.

There are three types of vehicle shape: motor car, light goods vehicle and motorcycle.

Motor car

This type of vehicle includes passenger vehicles, sedans, station wagons and some 4WDs. It does not include light goods vehicles, utes or table tops.

Registration shape codes:

CON – convertible (any vehicle without a roof)
COU – coupe (2 doors, 2 seats and a roof)
FCV – forward control vehicle (like a wagon)
HRS – hearse
PVF – panel van four wheel drive (must have 4WD)
SBS – small bus (9 seats exactly including the driver)
SED – sedan (includes hatchbacks)
SNO – snow vehicle
TWC – three wheel cars and cycles
WAG – station wagon (must have sedan equivalent).

Utes/light goods vehicle

This type of vehicle Includes utes, table tops, panel vans and light goods vehicles less than 4.5 tonnes GVM.

Registration shape codes:

PVN – panel van
PVS – panel van seats and windows (no 4WD)
PVW – panel van and windows (has side window)TT – table top (separate body and no fittings)
TTF – table top and fittings (cab chassis with tray fitted)
UTE – utility (one piece utility body or detachable well back body)
VAN – van (separate box body not connected to cabin).


This type of vehicle includes all motorcycles, including those with sidecars.

CYC – all motorcycles.

Check your code

When using the calculator, you need to know whether your vehicle is classified as a motor car or light goods vehicle.

Refer to the vehicle shape code in the lower half of your Registration Renewal Notice.

If you would like to check whether the code used is correct, you can use the RTA Road Vehicle Descriptor Online. It is divided into two sections: vehicles manufactured before 1999 and vehicles manufactured after 1999.

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