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Interesting Statistics

Car crash statistics –
Serious injuries and deaths by road user, gender and age group

Transport for NSW provides some interesting statistics on serious injuries and deaths in car crashes throughout NSW.

Table 1 – Serious injuries by road user, year ending Dec 2017

  Number  Actual change from Dec 2016
Driver  4,256 -245
Passenger 1,590 -33
Motorcyclist  2,551 -118
Pedestrian  1,110  +10
Cyclist  1,967  +19
Other   581  +31
Total  12,055  -336

Table 1 shows the biggest decrease in serious injuries is among drivers and motorcyclists, and the biggest increase is in cyclist deaths.

Table 2 – Serious injuries by gender, year ending Dec 2017

 Ratio Dec 2017 (Dec 2016)
Male  7,760  64.4% (64.1%)
 4,295  35.6% (35.9%)
12,055 +2%

Table 2 shows serious injuries among males and females have dropped but the ratio remains similar.

Table 3 – Serious injuries by age group, year ending Dec 2017

Age group  Number  Actual change from Dec 2016
Under 16
972 +37
17-25 2,547 +31
4,333 -252
50-69 2,735 -103
Over 70 1,459 +22
Total  12, 055 -336

Table 3 shows the biggest increase in serious injuries among young people under 25 and the biggest decrease in 26-49 year olds.

Note: The following statistics about road deaths are based on comparison with 2015-17 averages, rather than year end August 2017. This gives a different kind of result.

Table 4 – Deaths by road user, year ending Aug 2018

   Number  Actual change from 2015-17 average
Driver  184 +15.7
Passenger 69 +9.3
Pedestrian 65 +4.3
Motorcyclist 52  -13.0
Cyclist  10  +3.3
Total  380  +19.7

Table 4 shows drivers have seen the biggest increase and motorcyclists the biggest and only decrease in deaths from the 2015-17 average.

Table 5 – Deaths by gender, year ending Aug 2018

  Number Ratio Aug 2018 (2015-17 average)
Male  291 76.6% (71.0%)
 89  23.4% (29.0%)

Table 5 shows males are dying at more than three times the rate of females and the percentage of female deaths has decreased from the 2015-17 average.

Table 6 – Deaths by age group, year ending Aug 2018

Age group  Number  Actual change from 2015-17 average
Under 16
8 -10.3
17-25 84 +16
110 -10
50-69 97 +13.7
Over 70 80 +9.3
Total  380 +23.7

Table 6 shows the biggest increase in deaths of 17-25 year olds and a drop in under 16 and 26-49 year olds from the 2015-17 average.

General comments

  • More drivers, passengers, pedestrians, males and people aged 17-25 died
  • More died in country areas, now 68% of all deaths
  • Serious injuries are down on the previous year
  • Men make up 64% of seriously injured and 77% of deaths
  • Fewer drivers under 16 and 26-49 died
  • Deaths in the South West region increased 39%.


All information is taken from Transport for NSW:

  • NSW road fatalities report 31 August 2018 (preliminary)
  • Quarterly bulletin of serious injury crash data quarter ending December 2017 (preliminary).

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