greenslips calculator Calculator

Green Slip Calculator Facts

Our green slip calculator will provide the best price available for each of the NSW CTP green slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details.

Six insurers currently offer green slips in NSW.

If a green slip price is based correctly on your vehicle and details, by law the price must be same no matter how or where you purchase your CTP green slip.

Unless there is a special reason, (such as for Ulysses members or for fleet discounts) no one can offer prices cheaper than those shown on our CTP green slip calculator.

If you have an issue with a price on the green slip calculator, contact us and we will investigate the issue.

Details of our commercial arrangements are available on this website.

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The Vehicle
1. Registration due date?
2. Vehicle type?
3. Will the motorcycle be carrying a pillion passenger?
4. Year of manufacture, make and model?
5. Postcode where normally garaged?   (Postcode)
6. Are you registered for GST and entitled to claim for GST (input tax credit) on this greenslip?
7. Ownership?
8. Use?
9. How many kilometres does your vehicle travel on average each year?
The Current Greenslip & Other Insurance
10. Is there a current greenslip?
11. Was it for 6 or 12 months?
12. Which insurer is the current greenslip with?
13. Is a Blue Slip required?
14. Do you have other insurance on the vehicle?
15. Which insurer is the other insurance with?
16. How long have you continuously held it on this vehicle with that insurer?
17. No Claim Discount?
  Rate %
The Owner & Drivers
18. Owner’s age at commencement of greenslip?
19. Number of demerit points you have lost on your NSW licence?
Click here to check details with RMS (Roads & Maritime Services).
20. Youngest driver’s age at commencement of greenslip?
21. Have any drivers had an accident in the last 2 years in which they were at fault?
22. Have any drivers received a licence suspension, disqualification, cancellation or restriction in the last 3 years?
23. How long has the least experienced driver held a licence?
24. Number of continuous years of relationship with NRMA? Include any relationship with NRMA on any product or service.