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greenslips calculator
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Greenslip and Registration Look Up

Free Greenslip and Registration Check

Service NSW provides a free greenslip and registration check service.

You can use the service to obtain the following information on a vehicle:

  • Greenslip insurer
  • Greenslip expiry date
  • Registration expiry date
  • Registration status (current, suspended or cancelled)
  • Registration restrictions (renewal or transfer)
  • Registration concessions

The service will not provide the name or address of the registered owner.

You can use the service if you need to know the greenslip insurer for a vehicle involved in an accident. The service is also a worthwhile additional check if you are considering purchasing a second hand vehicle.

The service only works for vehicles which were previously or which are currently registered in NSW.

To use the service you will need to know the vehicle registration number.

To access the service, click here.