Frequently Asked Questions

Greenslip FAQs

What is a CTP green slip?

A greenslip is a type of motor insurance policy. It provides you with protection from a damages claim in the event that you or the person driving your vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident. It provides compensation for the person who was injured or killed.

CTP means Compulsory Third Party. Terms such as greenslip, green slip, ctp greenslip and compulsory third party insurance have the same meaning.

Learn more about greenslips on this site.

Do I need a CTP green slip?

Yes, you must get a CTP green slip to register a motor vehicle in NSW (excluding trailers). It is compulsory by law.

What is an eGreenslip?

An eGreenslip is a term for the fact insurers electronically notify Service NSW of the greenslip purchase.

Are all CTP green slips the same?

Yes, CTP green slips are the same, regardless of insurer.

The insurers all provide the statutory cover required by the legislation.

One of the six insurers provides an additional feature, At-Fault Driver Cover. At-Fault Driver Cover is analysed in detail on this site.

At-Fault Driver Cover is worth considering because it provides more benefits for longer than the NSW CTP scheme, for the at-fault driver injured in an accident. The injuries for which a benefit is payable, amounts, notable exclusions and other analysis are on this site.

Can I cancel my greenslip?

Yes, you can cancel your greenslip.

To cancel your greenslip you must first cancel vehicle registration through Service NSW. If you take proof of cancellation from Service NSW to your greenslip insurer, you will be entitled to a refund of the unexpired portion of your greenslip. You may get a pro rata refund of the Fund Levy.

Your CTP greenslip insurer may charge an administration fee for the cancellation.

What happens to the greenslip when I sell my vehicle?

When you sell your vehicle your NSW CTP greenslip travels with the vehicle. The greenslip stays with the vehicle and is transferred to the new owner of the vehicle.

If you buy a vehicle which is already registered, make sure the registration is transferred to you. You will not need to buy a new greenslip for that vehicle until the current registration expires.

When you buy or sell a vehicle, Service NSW is notified of the transfer of ownership. Service NSW then notifies the greenslip insurer of the transfer of that ownership.

What is the Fund Levy?

The Fund Levy is part of the cost of a greenslip.

When you purchase a greenslip you are participating in two schemes:

  1. The Third Party Insurance scheme
  2. The Lifetime Care and Support scheme.

The MCIS (Medical Care and Injury Services) Levy was introduced to fund the Lifetime Care and Support scheme. The Lifetime Care and Support scheme is now funded through the Fund Levy.

The Fund Levy also pays ambulance and hospital costs for all motor vehicle accidents, costs which were previously included in the greenslip premium. It is now shown as a separate item with your greenslip payment.

There is no public visibility of the basis on which the Fund Levy is determined. State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) publishes the Fund Levy as an amount under the 2017 Act.

The Fund Levy is part of the cost of a greenslip. It is important to consider the total cost of the greenslip.

Contact details for each insurer are on this site.

Compare greenslip prices for all insurers with the Calculator.

Who is the MAA?

MAA stands for Motor Accidents Authority of NSW. The MAA was established by NSW Parliament under the Motor Accidents Act 1988 in March 1989. The MAA operated under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 and used to administer the Green Slip scheme.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority took over from the MAA in 2015. It is located at Level 6, 2-24 Rawson Place, Sydney. Contact SIRA on 1300 137 131.

Find more information about the Motor Accident Authority on this site.

Am I covered if I drive outside NSW?

Yes. Even though your motor vehicle is registered in NSW, your CTP greenslip insurance provides you with cover regardless of where you are in Australia.

How do I buy a greenslip?

The fastest way to buy a green slip is to get a quote from Calculator. After you have accurately entered your details, you can compare quotes from each of the six insurers. Details are provided for each one so you can contact them directly and make a payment.

If you are renewing a green slip, your insurer will send you a renewal notice. You can decide whether to continue with that insurer or get quotes from all six insurers.

Can I buy a greenslip for 6 months?

Yes. You can usually buy a green slip for 6 months for cars, light trucks up to 4.5 tonnes, motorbikes or trailers, as long as you register for 6 months. However, both registration and green slip must be for 12 months if this is your first registration, you are transferring registration or your registration has lapsed for 21 days.

Can I get a refund on my greenslip?

Yes, it is possible to get a refund on a green slip, provided you have cancelled registration of the vehicle and Service NSW has confirmed this in a letter. The insurer will need this letter to be able to refund the unused portion of the green slip. The insurer may also deduct an administration fee.

Prices FAQs

What is the easiest way to compare green slip prices?

The easiest way to compare prices for each of the six insurers offering CTP green slip insurance in NSW is to use the Calculator price comparison service.

  • The price comparison service gives you a price for each insurer based on your vehicle and details.
  • It gives you contact details for each insurer.
  • You directly contact the insurer of your choice to purchase your CTP greenslip.
  • You can purchase your greenslip over the phone.
  • The CTP insurer will notify Service NSW electronically.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority operates Green Slip Price Check for common vehicle classes. If your vehicle is not covered by the price comparison service, you need to contact each insurer to compare prices. Find contact details for each of the six insurers on this site.

Why do prices vary between insurers?

Each insurer determines its own greenslip prices.

Insurers will use different factors and apply different weightings to those factors to determine the premiums they will charge.

Greenslip prices are regulated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

More information on setting greenslip prices is on this site.

What factors affect the price of my greenslip?

Insurers consider many factors to determine the prices they will charge for a greenslip. The insurers also apply different weightings to those factors.

The primary factors are geographic region, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, vehicle performance, driver age, driving history and claims history.

Find out about setting CTP greenslip prices in NSW on this site.

Do some places offer cheaper greenslips than others?

No. Some insurers offer cheaper greenslips than others. However, the greenslip price for each insurer should be the same for that insurer, regardless of the place where you purchase it.

You need to make sure the greenslip price is based correctly on your vehicle and details. Provided you do this, the price for each insurer does not vary based on where or how you purchase that insurer’s greenslip.

Why are green slip prices different if I want to claim for GST?

CTP green slip prices are higher if you want to claim an input tax credit for GST.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority allows insurers to charge a higher price because:

  • Insurers do not receive an input tax credit for GST when they pay claims.
  • There are administrative costs to the insurers to implement the GST.

Can I get a cheaper greenslip through an agent or broker?

No.The requirement is that the price for an insurer’s CTP greenslip must be the same regardless of where or how the CTP greenslip is purchased.

Provided the CTP greenslip price is based correctly on your vehicle and details, the price should be the same whether you purchase the CTP greenslip directly from an insurer or through an agent or broker.

Can I get discounts on other insurance products?

Yes. Two of the six greenslip insurers offer discounts on other products if you also have your greenslip with those insurers. Information on discounts offered by the insurers is on this site.

How often can insurers change their prices?

Insurers must submit their green slip premium prices at least once a year to the regulator, State Insurance Regulatory Authority. They are allowed to submit price changes at other times.

Why aren't all green slip prices exactly the same?

While all insurers have to keep within a price range, they charge different premiums depending on the risk level of their customers. Each insurer has a slightly different portfolio of drivers they insure, for example, vehicle use, such as taxis, or different geographic regions. One insurer also includes At-Fault Driver Cover as an added benefit.

Insurers FAQs

Which companies offer greenslips?

There are six insurers offering greenslips in NSW.

They are AAMI, Allianz, GIO, NRMA Insurance, QBE and Youi.

Contact details for the six insurers are on this site.

Who sets the premiums?

Insurance companies set premiums. However, they must first lodge their premium schedules with State Insurance Regulatory Authority for approval.

More information on setting greenslip premiums is on this site.

Who provides the CTP Green Slip?

Insurance companies provide green slips. There are six insurance companies offering CTP green slips in NSW.

They must be licensed and comply with the requirements of Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 and Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999. They are regulated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

Do all insurers offer At-Fault Driver Cover?

No, only one of the six CTP Green Slip insurers offers At-Fault Driver Cover.

NRMA Insurance offers At-Fault Driver Cover.

Allianz ceased offering this after 1 September 2021.

AAMI, GIO, QBE and Youi do not offer At-Fault Driver Cover.

What is the easiest way to contact the Insurers?

All insurers provide a phone service for quotes and greenslip purchase. Call centre opening hours vary. All insurers provide an online service for quotes and greenslip purchase.

Contact and access details for each insurer are on this site.

Will all insurers electronically notify Service NSW and how long does it take?

Yes, all insurers electronically notify Service NSW  when you purchase your green slip. If you purchase your green slip from an insurer, you should allow about one hour for notification to go through to Service NSW. If you purchase your greenslip from an agent or broker, you should ask them how long it will take for notification to be sent to Service NSW.

Because notification is sent electronically to Service NSW, in most cases you will not need a hard copy of the green slip to register your vehicle.

Can I change insurers?

Yes, you are allowed to change insurers. When your current insurer sends a renewal notice, you are under no obligation to renew with them. Use the Calculator to compare prices from all insurers before renewing.

Will my insurer always be the cheapest for me?

No. Each year will be different, depending on the changing circumstances of the driver, the vehicle, and the business environment for the insurer. Always use the Calculator to compare prices before renewing.

How do I complain about my insurer?

Contact State Insurance Regulatory Authority if you wish to complain about your CTP green slip price or how an insurer provides green slip quotes or sells green slips,  Complaints can be made on the phone by contacting CTPAssist on 1300 656 919.

Complaints about the way an insurer is handling a claim begin with an internal review and, if unresolved, go to the Personal Injury Commission.

Coverage FAQs

Who and what is covered?

Your greenslip does:

  • Provide for compensation for people killed or injured in a motor vehicle accident
  • Include pedestrians, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles and, to a lesser extent, the driver at fault
  • Include trailers under the greenslip of the towing vehicle.

On this site is more detailed information on who and what is covered by your CTP greenslip.

Who and what is NOT covered?

Your greenslip does not cover:

  • The at-fault driver to the full extent of the scheme, except for statutory benefits for up to 6 months, unless the driver is catastrophically injured (as defined by the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and in which case that scheme applies)
  • Damage to your vehicle or property
  • Damage to other people’s vehicles or property
  • Theft of your vehicle.

More detailed information on who and what is not covered by your CTP Greenslip is on this site.

Where does my premium go?

Your premium goes toward compensation payments. State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) itself is funded by a levy on premiums. SIRA also uses this levy to support road safety campaigns, and research and education projects.

What is At-Fault Driver Cover?

The driver at fault in an accident is not covered to the full extent of the green slip scheme, except for fixed benefits for up to 6 months, or unless catastrophically injured.

One insurer provides an additional benefit with their CTP green slips, where they offer some compensation for injuries sustained by the at-fault driver in an accident. A table of the injuries and amounts of compensation paid by the insurer, and information about At-Fault Driver Cover are on this site.

Will I be covered if I answer a question wrongly and injure someone in an accident?

Yes, the insurer is obliged by law to honour the validity of the policy. You will be asked to pay the difference between the lower amount and what you should have paid. The insurer is also entitled to claim up to $5,000 if you deliberately made a false statement.

Who is SIRA?

SIRA is State Insurance Regulatory Authority and its role is to supervise the six insurers in the CTP scheme. It ensures they provide CTP insurance fairly, effectively, and within the legislation and guidelines.

SIRA also provides claims advice at CTPAssist on 1300 656 919.

Do all green slips provide exactly the same cover?

Yes, all insurer green slips provide the same statutory cover for people who are injured or killed in a motor accident involving the insured vehicle.

The only difference is At-Fault Driver Cover. This is an added benefit provided by one insurer for the driver of the insured vehicle if the accident was their fault. The insurer has a Schedule of Benefits for At-Fault Driver Cover, so it is worth checking what they are.

Registration FAQs

Can I register my vehicle for less than 12 months?

Yes, cars, motorbikes and light trucks can be registered for 6 or 12 months. Registration can be renewed on heavy trucks for 3 or 12 months.

When purchasing your greenslip, the period of the greenslip must match the period for which you intend to register your vehicle. This means you must purchase your greenslip for 6 or 12 months.

However, if this is your first registration, you are transferring registration or your registration has lapsed for 21 days, then both registration and green slip must be for 12 months.

If you want to renew your registration for less than 12 months you can do it online only at Service NSW or by phoning 1300 360 782. If you go to Service NSW or motor registry to renew your registration you can do it for only 12 months.

What is a Safety Check?

A Safety Check is a vehicle safety inspection report. Safety Checks were previously called Pink Slips or eSafety Checks.

A Safety Check is a requirement to renew your vehicle registration, if your vehicle is 5 years or older.

Where do I get a Safety Check?

Safety Checks are available from Authorised Inspection Scheme stations. Once completed, inspection stations issue the Safety Check electronically to Service NSW.

Inspection station locations are available online.

How often do I need a Safety Check?

Most new vehicles do not need a Safety Check for the first 5 years.

Vehicles older than 5 years will require a Safety Check every year.

The registration renewal notice issued by Service NSW will tell you if a Safety Check is required before you can renew registration on your vehicle.

What happens if I am transferring my vehicle from interstate?

While you still need a CTP green slip, the registration requirements are different when you transfer a vehicle from interstate.

Find out the requirements to register a vehicle being transferred from interstate on this site.

How do I transfer registration into my own name?

After buying a vehicle, you have to transfer it into your name within 14 days of possessing the vehicle or pay a late surcharge.

To transfer registration, you need an Application for Transfer form and a number of other documents, including proof of identity and address. There are fees for transfer of registration and stamp duty.

What is the quickest way to renew registration?

There are three steps to renew registration:

  1. Buy a green slip
  2. Get a safety check if required (pink slip)
  3. Pay for registration online, by phone, in person, or by post.

An eligible pensioner concession card holder may have their registration automatically renewed.

How can I get discounts?

Green slip insurers are not allowed to offer discounts on green slips and must charge the prices they submit to the regulator. Some insurers may offer discounts on other insurance they provide, if you already have a green slip with them.

Pensioners cannot get discounts on green slips but eligible pensioners can get free registration in NSW.