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Calculate your Cheapest Greenslip – The CTP Green Slip Calculator provides green slip prices and features for all six NSW CTP Green Slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details.


Cost Comparison – Find your cheapest greenslip Calculator – The CTP Green Slip Calculator provides green slip prices and features for all six NSW CTP green slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details.

Find the Cheapest Greenslip – Three ways to find the cheapest greenslip price

Other Factors to Consider  – What else to consider apart from price, such as ease of purchase, any extras

SIRA Green Slip Price Check – Calculator operated by SIRA

Greenslip Quote NSW – Compare greenslip quotes from all six insurers

Greenslip Info – Ten things you need to know about greenslips

Compare Insurers – Features, ease of purchase online, by phone or in person, terms, discounts and Service NSW notification online

Green Slips

How it Works

Discounts – Greenslip discounts in NSW

Demerit Points – How demerit points work

Pensioner Concessions – About pensioner registration and green slips

Mythbusters – CTP greenslip facts and fiction

What is a Greenslip? – Compulsory motor vehicle insurance

Who and What is Covered? – What your green slip does and does not cover

Third Party Insurance Scheme – Compensation for people killed or injured in an accident

Lifetime Care and Support Scheme – Benefits for people catastrophically injured in an accident

Motor Accidents Authority – Previous manager of the NSW CTP scheme

Setting Prices – Factors insurers use to set greenslip prices

The Fund Levy – The Fund Levy (was the MCIS Levy)

Geographical Zones – Five rating zones determine greenslip prices

Youngest Driver – An important factor for assessing risk

Claims – CTPAssist and claims process

Complaints – How to complain about CTP prices, quotes or sales

Scheme Changes 2009 and 2010 – Changes that had a major impact on greenslip prices

State Insurance Regulatory Authority – How SIRA manages the NSW CTP greenslip scheme

At-Fault Driver Cover – Understand this extra cover

Interesting Statistics – Car crash deaths and injuries

Vehicle Type

Vehicle Classifications – An important factor in greenslip prices

Motorbikes – CTP quotes for motorbikes and getting a licence

Trucks and Buses – Green slips for trucks and buses

Business and GST – Claiming an input tax credit for GST

Fleets – Green slip quotes for fleets

Taxi Green Slips – Green slips for taxi owners

Rideshare Green Slips – Green slips for rideshare owners

CTP Insurance

CTP explained – Compulsory Third Party Insurance in each state and territory



RMS Registration and Safety Checks – How to register your vehicle and get safety checks

Greenslip and Registration Look Up – How to check your CTP insurer and registration due date

eGreenslips – Electronic notification to Service NSW

Transferring Registration to NSW – Three steps to transfer interstate registration

Registration Reminder Sticker – A sticker to remind you when registration is due

Transport for NSW – The state government agency that replaced the RMS

Vehicle Shape Codes – The code on your registration renewal notice

Conditional Registration – Registration under strict conditions

Classic and Historic Registration – Conditional registration for classic and historic vehicles


Comprehensive Insurance – Covers property, not people

Insurer Details – Contact details for each CTP insurer

Market Share – History of CTP insurer market share

Insurer Claims Performance – What to expect when making a claim

NRMA Insurance



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