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Calculate your Cheapest Greenslip – The CTP Green Slip Calculator provides green slip prices and features for all six NSW CTP Green Slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details.


Cost Comparison – Find your cheapest greenslip

greenslips.com.au Calculator – The CTP Green Slip Calculator provides the cheapest green slip prices and features for all six NSW CTP green slip insurers, based on your vehicle and details.

Find the Cheapest Greenslip – Three ways to find the cheapest greenslip price

Other Factors to Consider  – What else to consider apart from price, such as ease of purchase, any extras

SIRA Green Slip Price Check – Calculator operated by SIRA

Greenslip Quote NSW – Compare greenslip quotes from all six greenslip insurers

Greenslip Info – Ten things you need to know about greenslips

Compare Insurers – Features, ease of purchase online, by phone or in person, terms, discounts and Service NSW notification online

Green Slips

How it Works

CTP insurance – Compulsory third party insurance and how it works

What is a Greenslip? – Compulsory motor vehicle insurance

Who and What is Covered? – What your green slip does and does not cover

Discounts – Greenslip discounts in NSW

Demerit Points – How demerit points work

Pensioner Concessions – About pensioner registration and green slips

Mythbusters – CTP greenslip facts and fiction

Third Party Insurance Scheme – Compensation for people killed or injured in an accident

Lifetime Care and Support Scheme – Benefits for people catastrophically injured in an accident

CTP Care – Further benefits after 5 years for NSW CTP claimants

Motor Accidents Authority – Previous manager of the NSW CTP scheme before SIRA

Setting Prices – Factors insurers use to set greenslip prices

The Fund Levy – What the Fund Levy pays for

Geographical Zones – Five rating zones determine greenslip prices

Youngest Driver – An important factor for assessing risk

Claims – CTPAssist and the claims process

Complaints – How to complain about CTP prices, quotes or sales

Scheme Changes 2009 and 2010 – Changes that had a major impact on greenslip prices

State Insurance Regulatory Authority – How SIRA manages the NSW CTP greenslip scheme

At-Fault Driver Cover – Understand this extra cover for drivers

Interesting Statistics – Car crash deaths and injuries in NSW

Vehicle Type

Vehicle Classifications – An important factor in greenslip prices

Motorbikes – CTP quotes for motorbikes and getting a licence

Trucks and Buses – Green slips for trucks and buses

Business and GST – Claim an input tax credit for GST

Fleets – Green slip quotes for fleet owners

Taxi Green Slips – Green slips for taxi owners

Rideshare Green Slips – Green slips for rideshare owners


RMS Registration and Safety Checks – How to register your vehicle and get safety checks

Greenslip and Registration Look Up – Check your CTP insurer and registration due date

eGreenslips – Online notification to Service NSW

Transferring Registration to NSW – Three steps to transfer interstate registration

Registration Reminder Sticker – A sticker to remind you when registration is due

Transport for NSW – The state government agency that replaced the RMS

Vehicle Shape Codes – The code on your registration renewal notice

Conditional Registration – Registration under strict conditions

Classic and Historic Registration – Conditional registration for classic and historic vehicles

Renew a full drivers or riders licence – How to renew your licence in NSW

Unregistered vehicles – What happens if you do not register your vehicle


Comprehensive Insurance – Motor insurance for property, not people

Insurer Details – Contact details for each CTP insurer

NRMA Insurance

Market Share – History of CTP insurer market share

Insurer Claims Performance – What to expect from each insurer when making a CTP claim



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