CTP Green Slip Insurer Details

Six companies offer CTP green slips

Six insurers offer greenslips in NSW since Youi joined in December 2020.

In alphabetical order they are:

   Phone Insurer code  
AAMI 13 22 44 26  More AAMI Information
Allianz 13 1000 32  More Allianz Information
GIO 13 10 10 31  More GIO Information
NRMA Insurance
132 132 34  More NRMA Information
QBE 133 723 36  More QBE Information
Youi 1300 004 007 NA  More Youi Information

The insurer code shown on vehicle registration papers can be matched with the insurer code shown in the table. This identifies the CTP green slip insurer for that vehicle. Compare prices for every green slip insurer.

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