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Fleet CTP Green Slips

Fleet Green Slips - Fleet Green Slip Quotes - Fleet Green Slip Prices - NSW CTP Insurance

CTP Green Slip Insurance prices in NSW are cheaper for fleets.

Green slip prices are determined by the insurers and are regulated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

Insurers use different factors and apply different weightings to those factors to determine the price they will charge for CTP Insurance. Fleet ownership is one of those factors.

Some insurers are more eager to deal with fleets than others.

Some insurers offer incentives in respect of the cost of other business insurance products, if the fleet CTP Insurance is part of the package.

If you are a fleet owner or if you are entitled to a fleet discount, it is likely that you will also be registered for GST. Registration for GST will also affect your green slip quote and green slip price in NSW.

The impact of claiming an input tax credit for GST on your NSW CTP insurance quote or price is set out in the Business Greenslips page of this website.

Fleet owners seeking more information can contact us on 02 9223 0102.

Fleet owners should also consult their insurance broker or contact each insurer directly to determine the cheapest CTP price for their fleet.

Contact details for each of the six CTP green slip insurers in NSW are on this website.