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Motorbike Green Slips

Cheapest CTP for Motorbikes in NSW - Finding a Cheap Green Slip Quote for Motorbikes

To find the cheapest price CTP green slip for a motorbike in NSW you can go to the Calculator on this website. You will be given a price for each of the six greenslip insurers, based on your motorbike and details.

None of the insurers offers at-fault driver cover as an additional feature with motorbike green slips in NSW (as two insurers currently do for other types of vehicles).

Contact details for each insurer are set out on this website.

Motorbikes are classified for greenslip purposes on the basis of engine capacity. Classifications are designated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Insurers determine greenslip prices for motorbikes on the basis of those classifications and on the basis of other factors such as geographic region, claims history, driving record, rider age and whether or not there is a pillion passenger. Information on setting greenslip prices is set out on this website.

Five classifications apply:

i) Under 225cc
ii) 226cc to 725cc
iii) 726cc to 1,125cc
iv) 1,126cc to 1,325cc
v) Over 1,325cc

Those classifications, when introduced in July 2010, had a major impact on greenslip prices for motorbikes. A full analysis of the impact on greenslip prices at that time is available on this website.

The classifications do not include consideration of other factors such as the style or use of a motorbike or LAM status. Those factors are not considered when setting greenslip prices for motorbikes.

Green slip prices for motorbikes do vary, particularly based on engine capacity and rider experience. It is worth comparing prices before you purchase the CTP Green Slip for your motorbike.

You can compare prices by going to our Calculator.