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Lifetime Care and Support Scheme

Benefits for people catastrophically injured in a motor accident

The Lifetime Care and Support scheme provides separate benefits for people catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident. The scheme is not fault based and assistance is available for catastrophically injured people regardless of who caused the motor vehicle accident in which they were injured.

The scheme was introduced initially for children under sixteen who were injured on or after 1 October 2006. The scheme was expanded and now includes adults injured on or after 1 October 2007.

Drivers, even if at fault, are covered under the Lifetime Care and Support scheme.

Catastrophic injuries are defined and include injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injury, multiple amputations, severe burns and blindness.

The Lifetime Care and Support scheme was introduced to recognise the fact that people catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident may require treatment, assistance and attendant care for the rest of their lives, a level of care in excess of that provided under the third party insurance scheme.

The Lifetime Care and Support scheme is funded through the Fund Levy, which used to be called Medical Care and Injury Services Levy (MCIS Levy). It is included as a separate item with your greenslip payment. The Fund Levy also funds ambulance and hospital costs for all motor vehicle accidents, costs which were previously included in the greenslip premium. The Fund Levy is calculated as an amount added to the base greenslip premium. The amount varies based on factors such as vehicle type and geographic region.

More information on the Fund Levy is available on this website.

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