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Thank you so much for your answer. I will have a piece of mind as a volunteer driver for that association just once a in a while.

– Grace, 12 February 2020

Many thanks for the information.

– John, 8 December 2019

Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation. I figured that it would be at their end.

– Terry, 9 October 2019

Thank you Corrina. You have been very patient.

– Rakesh, 22 September 2019

Thank you very much for your reply that information is super helpful.

– Tiana, 11 September 2019

Thanks for your prompt response.

– Kaye, 22 August 2019

Thank you Corrina for such a speedy reply. I really appreciate your response to my query.

– Reg, 31 July 2019

Again just like last year I would like to thank you for the info you give with the best greenslips and cheapest.. As you have in the logo …….. easy.done. Well done I will more than likely be here again on your web page next year when my rego is due.. Thanking You.

– Eddie, 31 May 2019

Corrina, thank you for your advice. You were correct that the data being used by GIO was different to that which I entered into the calculator … I also gave a copy of your advice to the local GIO staff who were very interested in the fact that the information used by the Green Slip Calculator is not an estimate but is as provided by the insurers. They had been led to believe that it was only an estimate so that is one more good thing that came out of our emails.

– Trevor, 28 March 2019

Your info and calculations have proved accurate and I thank you for the time taken with my concerns.

– Warren, 28 March 2019