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We’re proud of the great customer feedback we receive, so thank you to everyone who appreciated our customer service. We publish only first names in the testimonials below, but each one is genuine and can be verified.

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I’ve never had an issue with your service in the past and use it for every registration and will continue to do. It’s a valuable indicator on who is the best value.

– Jason, 28 September 2021

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my queries Corrina. A lot of companies never bother to respond. All the best.

– Lindsay, 10 June 2021

Love this service!

– Busayna, 24 May 2021

I like that there’s no pop up ads and that the list of insurers is based on their accurate rates and not in order as preferred by this website. In summary – it’s not sales based at all, it does what it’s supposed to and that is compare the market in real time.

– Jill, 27 November 2020

Many thanks. You’ve explained everything that I need to organise more clearly than the government website.

– Neil, 1 September 2020

Thanks, Corrina, this is good information to have in deciding who to go with. ( and I was surprised at the speed of your reply…thanks.)

– John, 17 June 2020

Thanks for your help Corrina and the quote worked out well. I’ll use you again.

– Noel, 15 April 2020

Thank you so much for your answer. I will have a piece of mind as a volunteer driver for that association just once a in a while.

– Grace, 12 February 2020

Many thanks for the information.

– John, 8 December 2019

Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation. I figured that it would be at their end.

– Terry, 9 October 2019