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Customer feedback

We are proud of the great customer feedback we receive, so thank you to everyone who appreciated our customer service. We publish only first names in the testimonials below, but each one is genuine and can be verified.

If you want to tell us about a good experience with greenslips.com.au, please contact us. We are also happy to hear other kinds of feedback to improve our service.

Read our independently verified reviews on Feefo.

Very easy, even for the elderly, many thanks. Very good, easy step process, simple and the result was speedy. Looks like it will save hundreds of dollars for me.

– Anthony, 27 February 2024

Great site to save you money and time. Very helpful tool. It’s amazing how much difference there is between providers. I always do a comparison. Just because you have used a company before doesn’t mean they offer the best deal. ALWAYS check. The service is invaluable.

– Paul, 13 February 2024

It is FAIR DINKUM. Must use every year. The service was user friendly and quick. I was apprehensive at first. Now I’m definitely recommending it to friends.

– Felix, 12 February 2024

Quick and easy to understand plus the information provided will save me money.

– Warwick, 7 December 2023
Thanks Corrina, cleared that up nicely. I went back and redid the calculations and got it.
– Greg, 16 October 2023

This is an absolute fabulous service to get the best value for money + best price green slips. Over the years, I’ve always used, each time saving hundreds & hundreds of dollars.

– Steven, 14 August 2023

Pretty helpful. My GS price went from $600 to $396 for my weekender.

– Mikayla, 3 July 2023
These days it is hard to find such hard working and responsible personnel like you. If I were given a scale to rate your service from 0 to 10, I will give it a 10. Finally, once again thanks for your service you have given me.
– Kwong, 13 June 2023

Everyone should use this and you will be surprised by how much you can save.

– Ali, 11 April 2023
Good software, easy and efficient. I get annoyed by other websites that keep your phone number, email address.
– Mohammad, 27 February 2023