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Greenslip Discounts

Greenslip discounts in NSW

Greenslip prices are set by the insurers. When insurers set prices they consider many factors such as vehicle type, driver age, driving record and claims history. The prices the insurers intend to charge must first be submitted to State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Insurers are not allowed to vary those prices unless they are resubmitted to SIRA. Insurers are not allowed to further discount those prices.

Eligibility for a pension or other concession is not a factor used by insurers to determine green slip prices. Pensioner discounts are not available on green slips in NSW. The cost of NSW registration is free to those with appropriate eligibility for a pension. Information on pensioner concessions is available on this website.

If a greenslip price being quoted is based accurately on your vehicle and your details and all relevant factors have been included, then no further discount is available from that insurer.

Greenslip prices can not be discounted.

To obtain the best greenslip price, ensure the greenslip price being quoted is based accurately on your vehicle and your details. To reduce the greenslip price you need to affect the factors the insurer has used to determine the price relevant to you. For example, you may need to purchase a different type of vehicle or wait to improve your driving record.

An explanation of how how CTP green slip prices are set in NSW, including the factors considered by the insurers, is set out on this site.

Once an insurers price is correctly quoted, no further discount is available based on where or how you purchase that insurers CTP green slip. Agents or brokers are not allowed to offer a different price to that available by dealing directly with the insurer.

The price of your CTP green slip is not allowed to be discounted on the basis of product bundling.

However, some insurers do offer discounts on other insurance products on the basis that your green slip and those other insurance products are bundled with that insurer.

An insurer by insurer comparison of the discounts offered by the insurers on other products when bundled with your greenslip is set out on this website.

Our Calculator will provide information on discounts on other products that may be available to you, along with prices for each of the six greenslip insurers.

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