Find the Cheapest CTP Green Slip Price

Three ways to find the cheapest CTP Green Slip price

There are three ways you can compare prices for each of the five CTP green slip insurers in NSW.

1. Go to the Calculator on this site

Our Calculator will give you a price for each of the five greenslip insurers, based on your vehicle and details, and will provide insurer contacts. We also give information on At-Fault Driver Cover benefits and discounts on other products. You can contact your insurer of choice to purchase your green slip over the phone or online. Generally your green slip will be sent electronically to Transport for NSW (TfNSW). You can renew your registration by phone, online or in person. More information on renewing your registration is also on this site.

Click here for the Calculator.

2. Go to Green Slip Check operated by State Insurance Regulatory Authority

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) Green Slip Check will also provide a price for each of the five greenslip insurers, based on your vehicle and details. A link to SIRA’s Green Slip Check is on this site.

3. Contact each of the five insurers directly

The final way to compare CTP Green Slip prices is to contact each of the five insurers directly. Contact details for each of the five insurers are on this site.

The Calculator on this site and the SIRA Green Slip Check operate only for common types of vehicles. For example, they do not operate for trucks, buses or fleets. For those vehicles, you will need to contact each of the insurers directly to obtain CTP green slip quotes.

Not all CTP green slip purchasers base their decision entirely on price. Another factor to consider is At-Fault Driver Cover. While all green slips are the same, regardless of insurer, At-Fault Driver Cover is a point of differentiation between the insurers. An explanation of At-Fault Driver Cover and analysis of the cover offered by each of the insurers is on this site.

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