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Mythbusters - CTP Green Slip Facts & Fiction

Time to clarify some common CTP Green Slip misconceptions!

Let's separate the facts from the fiction when it comes to purchasing your CTP green slip.

  1. Six insurers provide CTP green slips in NSW. All insurers deal directly with purchasers. Contact details for the six insurers are set out on this website.
  2. The price for an insurer's CTP green slip must be the same regardless of where or how you purchase the CTP green slip. If the CTP green slip price is based correctly on your vehicle and details, the price must be the same whether you purchase the CTP green slip directly from an insurer, from an agent or from a broker, by phone or in person. This requirement is monitored by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Breaches of this requirement can be reported to SIRA.
  3. Insurers use different factors and apply different weightings to those factors to determine the price they will charge for a CTP green slip. Insurers adopt different pricing strategies and are more competitive for some purchasers than they are for others. No insurer is always the cheapest or the most expensive across all purchaser profiles. When comparing prices, it is important therefore to compare prices for each of the six insurers. You can compare prices by going to the Calculator on this website.
  4. As a product, CTP green slips are identical except for At-Fault Driver Cover. The only differentiating feature, other than price, is At-Fault Driver Cover. At-Fault Driver Cover is offered by two of the six insurers. Inclusion of At-Fault Driver Cover is not affected by where or how you purchase your CTP green slip. An explanation of At-Fault Driver Cover, including insurer by insurer analysis is set out on this site. Our Calculator will provide information on At-Fault driver Cover relevant to you.
  5. All insurers notify the RMS electronically when you purchase your CTP green slip. Notification from an insurer is usually received by the RMS within one hour.
  6. No organisation should purport to offer a CTP green slip price or product different to that which is available directly from the insurers.