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greenslips calculator
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Ten things you need to know before you purchase your greenslip!

  1. Six insurers provide greenslips in NSW.
  2. Greenslip prices vary! You need to compare prices.
  3. You can compare prices by contacting each insurer, using the Calculator on this website or using the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) Green Slip Price Check.
  4. Our Calculator provides prices for all six greenslip insurers, based on your vehicle and details. In addition, our Calculator provides insurer contact details and insurer by insurer analysis of at-fault driver cover, discounts on other products and ease of access for purchase.
  5. Contact details for each of the six greenslip insurers and a link to SIRA's Green Slip Price Check are available on this website.
  6. Greenslips are the same, regardless of insurer, other than in respect of at fault driver cover, which is an extra feature provided by two insurers.
  7. Not all insurers offer an online service for quotes and purchase.
  8. All insurers provide call centre service. Some insurers have shopfronts.
  9. We have analysed each insurer on the basis of additional features and ease of purchase online, by phone and in person. The analysis is set out on this website.
  10. Registration renewal and greenslips are available on a 6 or 12 month basis for many vehicle types. Information on vehicle types and on how to renew for 6 months is set out on this website. calculator

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