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Conditional Registration

Registration under strict conditions

The conditional registration scheme is for vehicles needing limited road access to carry out their functions. This includes agricultural, classic, construction, historic or snow vehicles. As these vehicles do not comply with usual vehicle design and standards, they can be driven only under strict conditions.

Includes compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

Conditional registration CTP provides coverage on roads and road-related areas, but not on private property.

Unlike standard vehicles, conditional registration includes CTP insurance.

You do not have to pay for CTP insurance separately.

Types of vehicle

Your vehicle must appear on Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Conditional Registration Vehicle Sheets (CRVS) to be eligible for conditional registration. Examples of these types of vehicles are:

If your vehicle does not appear on the CRVS, it cannot be conditionally registered.

Strict operating conditions

TfNSW sets strict operating conditions for each conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road-related area.

Road-related areas include:

  • Drive-in outlets
  • Car parks and access areas
  • Footpaths and nature strips
  • Private roads where the public can drive
  • Service station driveways.

These operating conditions restrict use of roads or road-related areas and/or overcome any deficiencies.

Drivers must know the exact conditions for driving on a road or road-related area, for example:

  • May be driven only in daylight hours
  • May travel up to 5 kms only between worksites
  • Cannot be driven on freeways
  • TfNSW over-dimension permit required
  • Particular restrictions on speed.

Apply for conditional registration

The process for applying for conditional registration is similar to applying for ordinary registration.

You need to go in person the first time to a registry or Service NSW with these documents:

1. Proof of identity

  • For the person attending the registry
  • NSW issued driver photo licence or a NSW Photo Card or other documents
  • For an organisation, evidence of an ACN and authorisation by a director or an authorised person on company letterhead or application for registration.

2. Proof of entitlement to register the vehicle

  • Certificate of registration, sales contract from a motor dealer, receipt, statutory declaration or other document
  • A person other than the owner may be entitled to register the vehicle if they give written authorisation.

3. Proof of your residential address in NSW

  • Proof of identity documents if they show current NSW residential address
  • Current certificate of registration issued by Service NSW, licence or registration renewal for the coming period, or contract for sale, lease or rental receipt which is less than 2 years old for the address.

4. A document proving the vehicle is suitable for safe use

  • A vehicle suitable for Safe use declaration may be acceptable.
  • Historic vehicles need a historic vehicle declaration and a safety check inspection report if the club is less than 2 years old.
  • Street rods need a street rod declaration and a safety check inspection report issued by the NSW Street Rod Committee or its inspection agents
  • Rally vehicles need a rally vehicle declaration
  • Classic vehicles need a classic vehicle declaration and an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection report not more than 42 days old (safety, identity and design checks).

5. A completed application for conditional registration

Successful applicants for conditional registration receive a certificate of registration, certificate of approved operations, a label and number plates.

Unlike for standard vehicles, you must display a registration label on your vehicle.

Note: If you sell your conditionally registered vehicle, you cannot transfer the registration. You have to cancel conditional registration and return the number plates. Service NSW will then send a cancellation letter so you can apply for a refund of unused CTP.

If you have a classic or historic vehicle, you must register them under the conditional registration scheme. 

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