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Our Promises

We promise True Comparisons™

True Comparisons™ compare every insurer with no commercial bias and guarantee you the cheapest price. Our True Comparisons also allow you to compare without entering your name, email or phone number.

True Comparisons include four promises:


Compare Every Insurer

Compare all CTP green slip insurers

  1. Six insurers are licensed to issue greenslips in NSW.

  2. We compare prices and provide information for all six greenslip insurers.

  3. The six insurers are AAMI, Allianz, GIO, QBE, NRMA Insurance, Youi.
  4. Other companies appear to sell greenslips but they act as agents for one of the six licensed insurers.

  5. No matter how or where you buy your greenslip, it comes from one of the six licensed insurers.

Insurer AAMI Allianz GIO NRMA QBE Youi
Parent Brand Suncorp Allianz Suncorp IAG QBE RMI
Other Brands    




Australia Post


Gave me a comprehensive indication of alternative green slip quotes. - Paul N
Gave me a comparison between different green slip options without me having to trawl through the market offerings myself. - Ray A

No Commercial Bias

Independent prices and information, so you can make the right choice

  1. We provide all the information you need to compare and purchase your green slip.

  2. Our information covers all aspects of the scheme and all insurers, without commercial bias.

  3. We provide a service, we do not sell green slips.

  4. We provide prices for each insurer, ranked from cheapest to most expensive, and we provide contact details for each insurer.

  5. We do have commercial arrangements. Those commercial arrangements do not affect the information we provide. Details of our commercial arrangements are available on our site. 

  6. We review and date every page, so you know all our information is accurate and current.

Clear, precise information on premium comparisons and contact information. - Michael K
It was easy as to use and I got a heaps better deal going through you. I will continue to use this app and recommend it to my mates. - Fiona M

Cheapest Price Guaranteed

Look no further, no need to shop around

  1. We guarantee you the cheapest green slip price because we use only the regulated prices.
  2. Before quoting a price, insurers must first submit those prices to the scheme regulator. The scheme regulator can reject the prices submitted by an insurer if they do not meet the requirements of the scheme. The regulated price is the latest price submitted by an insurer to the regulator and which has not been rejected by the regulator. Insurers are not allowed to vary those prices, unless they submit new prices to the regulator.
  3. Every price in the greenslips.com.au calculator is the regulated price.

  4. By law, no insurer, broker or agent is allowed to quote prices other than the regulated prices. It is illegal to quote additional discounts that are not already reflected in the regulated price.

  5. Greenslip prices vary based on your vehicle and details. Prices in the greenslips.com.au calculator depend on the accuracy of the information you enter into the calculator.
  6. Provided the information you enter into the calculator matches the information used by insurers, or any third party, the prices will also match. Prices will not vary even if you shop around, as long as you use the same information.

This is an absolute fabulous service to get the best value for money + best price green slips. Over the years, I've always used it, each time saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars. - Stephen G
True Comparison -Just saved me $222.00. Very easy to use. Why pay more for the same CTP? - Anon

Free Open Access

Compare without entering your name, email or phone number

  1. Everything we offer on this site, including green slip prices and information, is available to you freely and without entering your name, email or phone number. 

  2. The greenslips.com.au Calculator is free and always anonymous to use.

  3. Once you have used our website, we will not contact you unless you have specifically requested or authorised us to do so.

  4. If you do provide any contact details, we will not pass those details to any other party.
Very, very easy and all very renowned insurers to choose from! Fair pricing quote! Love it! and thanks for this site. - Anne H
Really efficient, direct to the point to get the info, and give pricing. - Roger J