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18 years as the benchmark has been helping people compare and purchase greenslips since 2001.

Our history actually goes back to February 1999, when we first registered the domain

In March 2001 when we launched our first website, there was little information about greenslips available anywhere, particularly online. got there first.

We launched major updates to our website in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2018. 2012 was the year we first put up a calculator for people to compare prices themselves. Our last site update was in April 2018 – with a calculator designed to be fast and easy, particularly on a mobile.

Our aim was, and still is, to build a comprehensive greenslip resource. Not only was the first comprehensive online resource for all things greenslips, it continues to set the benchmark for greenslip pricing and information.

Technology and innovation are big contributors to the way we offer the best possible experience for visitors to the website.

Our current website uses AMP (Accelerated Mobile Protocol), one of the first commercial sites in Australia to do so. AMP helped us develop our site using minimalist, light code to make the site fast, particularly on mobiles.

In October 2018 the AMP Project group published a case study of our new site. We were one of the first sites to be fully created with AMP.

Our information is comprehensive, accurate, current and impartial. We build our site to provide the best possible experience for customers.

All our contributors are experienced and expert in the NSW CTP green slip scheme. Read more about them.

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