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Trusted for 20 years

How things have changed

So much has changed since we first had the idea to start a business to help people understand compulsory third party insurance in NSW, commonly known as greenslips.

Here’s a look at what’s happened in the over 20 years that greenslips.com.au has been helping you find your cheapest green slip.



Getting started

  • We registered the domain name in 1999 and launched our first site in March 2001 as a one pager at greenslips.com.au
  • The iPod and X-Box made an entry
  • AOL was the most popular website and Wikipedia was the first online encyclopedia
  • The dotcom bubble burst and share prices tumbled; boo.com and infospace went bankrupt
  • Population in NSW was 6,642,900 and they owned 4,452,005 registered vehicles
  • The most popular car in Australia was the Holden Commodore.



GreenSlips Net

  • We made a major update to our content on greenslips.com.au and pointed it to the Motor Accident Authority greenslips calculator so people could find the cheapest greenslip prices
  • The most popular car in Australia was the Holden Commodore.



A new site and our first blog

  • We wrote our first blog for greenslips.com.au, one of thousands to come
  • We added lots of new content to greenslips.com.au to make it more useful, becoming the go-to site for independent information with everything you need to know
  • The first Android phone went on sale
  • SUVs were a surprising 19% of the Australian car market.



Our first green slip calculator

  • We launched our first greenslips Calculator on greenslips.com.au so people could find the cheapest prices and choose an insurer
  • Registration labels for cars were abolished. We later introduced registration reminder stickers to help people remember the due date.
  • Facebook went public
  • The London Olympics took place
  • GIF (a type of computer image) was Word of the Year.



A new site for a new CTP scheme

  • We updated greenslips.com.au for the new CTP scheme and made our mobile site faster
  • Taxis, businesses and people could apply for green slip refunds because prices had fallen
  • A mobile phone was used as a key to open a car
  • SUVs made up 43% of new cars in Australia
  • The most popular car in Australia was no longer a car, but a Toyota HiLux ute.



Trusted for 20 years

The second 10 years of greenslips.com.au was certainly a change from the first 10 years. Holden Commodore was Australia’s favourite car for the first 10 years. At the end of 20 years, it had disappeared altogether. Meanwhile, Australia’s love affair with SUVs and utes  began in earnest (but Toyota Corolla has never been out of the top three).


greenslips.com.au launches healthslips.com.au

We launched healthslips.com.au, a health insurance information and price comparison service. Like greenslips.com.au, it is unique because it compares every insurer and policy, there is no commercial bias, the cheapest price is guaranteed and access is free and open.

  • We have now provided funding for all 56 branches of Can Assist across NSW, thanks to our long-term partnership.
  • More people than ever need green slips – the NSW population is 8.24 million (24% higher than in 2001) and they own 7.01 million registered vehicles (60% more than in 2001).

Some things fortunately do not change. greenslips.com.au has been trusted for over 20 years to help you calculate your cheapest greenslip. Our free, online calculator compares every insurer with no commercial bias and guarantees you the cheapest price. Our free open access offers True Comparisons, without entering your name, email or phone number.

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