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Fuel Types

Different kinds of fuel

E10 Ethanol 94

Fuel is 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded petrol, octane rating 94.

Ethanol is made from fermenting plants, such as wheat and sugar cane. 

U91 Unleaded 91 Standard unleaded petrol, octane rating 91.
E85 Ethanol 105

Fuel is 70-85% ethanol and 15-30% unleaded petrol, octane rating 105.

Only for cars built or modified for this.

P95 Premium 95 Premium unleaded petrol, octane rating 95.
P98 Premium 98 Premium unleaded petrol, octane rating 98.
DL Diesel For diesel engines only.
PDL Premium Diesel Diesel plus additives for cleaning and efficiency.
B20 Biodiesel 20 Fuel is 20% “bio” (often vegetable oil) and 80% diesel. 

Liquid petroleum gas or autogas.

Only for cars modified for this.


Compressed natural gas.

Only for cars modified for this.

EV EV charge

Electric vehicle charging station.

Only for electric vehicles.

What is octane?

Octane is an index of the fuel’s resistance to burning. If it burns too early inside the engine, it causes destructive ‘pinging’.

Higher octane numbers have more burning resistance than lower octane numbers. For example, P98 has more burning resistance than U91.

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