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parallel parking

Why don’t we like parallel parking?

Is it true that nobody likes parallel parking? Are men more confident at parking than women? The answers are not as obvious as you might think. As more cars park themselves, there may come a time when we don’t know how to do it.

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More on what L and P platers need to know

Do you want to learn to drive? Driving a car is still seen as a symbol of freedom and independence, even though there are good alternatives. Our guide helps you understand how to progress through the graduated licensing scheme. You go from Learner to red Provisional 1 to green Provisional 2 and then to the freedom of a full, unrestricted licence. Read More

share car transfer rego

Should you share your car with your kids?

From an early age, children learn they must share their toys. Many parents feel uncertain about sharing the family car with their kids. Even so, buying them a car might not be the safest option. To share or not to share – we look at the pros and cons of sharing your vehicle with your kids, including the cost of greenslips. Read More

young volunteers L and P platers

What L and P platers need to know

Learning to drive is still a rite of passage for some. Even though young people tend to delay the day they start driving lessons, most will get their drivers licence eventually. Find out how you move from Ls to P1s and P2s in the graduated licensing scheme and finally, to the freedom of an unrestricted licence. Read More

old cars unregistered women under 27s

Why put young drivers in old cars?

It’s not unusual to see parents in a shiny new car while their teenagers drive an old bomb. With what we know about safety, it makes no practical sense. Teenagers are among the riskiest drivers, especially when on P plates. They also crash at four times the rate of adults and their older, smaller cars don’t protect them. Read More

ownership theft

Young people and the gig economy

The word gig economy first described the rise of insecure contract work, rather than permanent full time jobs. Now even relationships, AirBnB, social media and subscription-style entertainment reflect lack of permanence or commitment. So it makes sense that young people do not seem interested in owning – or even driving – cars. Read More