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Are you a courteous driver?

We hear a lot about being a safe driver but not much about being a courteous driver. Perhaps the word “courteous” sounds too old fashioned, something to do with knights and ladies. But courtesy in driving may well be underrated on our roads. Read More

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Dashcams, road rage and fast music

Around a quarter of Australian drivers now record all their car trips on dashcams. Their main reason for using them is to help with any future insurance claims. Around half want to be able to report road rage and incidents while their cars are parked. Since road rage and bad driving seem to be increasing, it looks like dashcam use will too. Read More

Impatient driving has a price

Any article on road safety always states the big three killers – speeding, alcohol and fatigue. Distraction by mobiles is another, but there are no solid figures. So far, nobody has looked at the contribution of impatience. Impatience could be the cause or the result of all four killers. Read More

It is faster to cycle, but is it safer?

If you live in Newport and work in Chatswood, it’s quicker for you to cycle than to drive or take public transport. But being faster is not the same as being safer. Deaths and serious injuries from cycling went up last year more than other types of transport. So the decision about how to get around is not as simple as it looks. Read More

We don’t like waiting at traffic lights

As my mother once memorably said: “What’s the point of traffic lights? They only waste electricity!” While traffic lights are a fact of life for motorists and pedestrians, nobody likes waiting at them. In fact, any more than 30 seconds and we start fuming. Read More

Is it really worth changing lanes?

Should you change lanes if you’re in a hurry? Some drivers seem compelled to change lanes, all the time. Others seem to choose a lane and hog it. But research on changing lanes seems to suggest it has a psychological rather than a practical effect. Too often, changing lanes may just be inviting trouble. Read More

Stopping at the scene of a crash

Imagine you are driving home along a motorway when you see a horrific crash ahead. There are two choices: you can stop and try to help or you can drive on. Most drivers decide not to stop and, even if they did, may be unsure what they are allowed to do.

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A happy Christmas blog

In the madness of the lead-up to Christmas, we found some quirky stories from around the world. While most of the news is bad, there are encouraging signs of Christmas goodwill.

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Road rage: Don’t drive on Fridays in August

Our poll, Is common courtesy lacking on our roads?, received a resounding 88% Yes. But the poll didn’t ask about incidents of road rage. Anecdotal evidence suggests drivers everywhere are becoming increasingly less patient and a lot more aggressive.

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