local servo

The future of your local servo

Did you know most people visit their local servo about once a fortnight? What’s going to happen if 30% of new car sales by 2030 are electric vehicles? Some say many service stations will have to close. Others say it’s an opportunity to create new community hubs. It depends how convinced Australians are about driving EVs. Read More

fuel efficiency gauge

How much fuel is really in your tank?

Most of us have inconveniently run out of fuel at least once. This is not so bad if you have roadside assistance close at hand. But why do we run out? One study says we may just be over reliant on the fuel gauge. However, a lot more depends on how and where we drive and there are simple ways to make fuel last longer. Read More

Do emissions targets work?

Results from the new voluntary CO2 emissions standard just came in: carmakers missed the targets. It’s easy to blame the types of vehicles we prefer, or the poor standard of fuel in Australia. However, setting targets for emissions is only one option. Another is to create incentives for people to choose low emissions cars. Read More

You spend more on tolls than fuel

It costs Sydneysiders more each week to pay for tolls than to buy fuel. Even though transport costs across Australia fell by 4% and fuel costs fell by 20% in the June quarter, the cost of tolls kept rising. If Sydney had no tolls, vehicle owners would save around $86 a week. Read More