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rideshare drivers

Green slips for rideshare drivers

As a rideshare driver, you pay extra for your green slip depending on how far you travel with a fare-paying passenger. You also have to make sure your motor insurance policy covers you for rideshare. Find out how much you could pay for a rideshare green slip. Read More

What are the risk factors in my greenslip price?

Green slip insurers in NSW base their prices on quite a few risk factors. Some risk factors are more important than others, such as where you live, type of vehicle and your driving history. The greenslips.com.au Calculator gives you the cheapest available price based on any increases or discounts insurers give for these risk factors. Read More

Summer travels with Charlie, Luna and Gucci

So you’re off on summer holidays and you want to take Luna, your four-legged friend. First, ask if it’s a good idea to take her with you. Second, prepare to make her (and you) comfortable and happy on the way. Plus a few tips about what not to do. Read More

CTP insurance Australia

How does CTP insurance work? – Part 2

You have to buy CTP insurance to register a vehicle in Australia. It protects you from having to pay out huge sums if your vehicle crashes and injures or kills someone. However, each state and territory has a different way of approaching CTP. We show how CTP insurance works in your state or territory. Read More