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buy a green slip

Should cyclists have to buy a greenslip?

All vehicle owners in NSW must be covered by a greenslip in case they injure or kill someone on the road. While drivers can injure or kill cyclists, cyclists can also injure or kill other road users. Yet, they won’t be properly compensated unless the rider can pay. Should cyclists have to buy a greenslip? Read More

Why don’t we ride bicycles more often?

Cycling was more popular during the pandemic but now less than one in six people ride a bicycle each week. One in five people who don’t ride a bicycle feel it’s just too dangerous. Part of the problem is the lack of dedicated cycle paths and unsafe speed limits on local roads. Meanwhile, negative driver attitudes to cyclists don’t help. Read More

Dont cause congestion

Cyclists don’t block the roads

Sydney is not an easy city for most cyclists. There are few bicycle paths and motorists often claim cyclists block the roads. However, research shows cyclists don’t slow motorists down and regular cyclists are more likely than car drivers to rate themselves as competent road users. Read More


Are E-bikes better than electric cars?

Next time you see a cyclist climbing a steep hill without panting, look at their bike. They might be riding an e-bike, which has a battery to take some of the sweat out of cycling. These bikes may help make cycling more mainstream. According to some, e-bikes could even be better than electric cars for reducing emissions and congestion. Read More


The war between drivers and cyclists

Some drivers don’t like sharing the roads with cyclists. Some cyclists feel the same about sharing the roads with motorists. It seems there’s a war going on between them, which makes the roads more dangerous for everyone. Read More

safer an accident

It is faster to cycle, but is it safer?

If you live in Newport and work in Chatswood, it’s quicker for you to cycle than to drive or take public transport. But being faster is not the same as being safer. Deaths and serious injuries from cycling went up last year more than other types of transport. So the decision about how to get around is not as simple as it looks. Read More

What’s happening to bicycle riding?

Copenhagen is bicycle city – there are now more bikes than cars! In 1970, there were about 350,000 cars and 100,000 bikes. Today, there are 265,700 bike riders compared to 253,600 car drivers, right in the heart of the city.

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Where and why cyclists crash

New research from Monash University in Victoria suggests cycling is a high risk activity, even on dedicated bike paths. This small study found nearly a quarter of cycling crashes in Victoria occur in marked bicycle lanes. They are usually in daylight and in clear weather. Most participants were experienced cyclists of more than 10 years.

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