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Road safety: What and how we drive has just read a huge report from the national Joint Select Committee on Road Safety. It contains hundreds of ideas about road safety in Australia and how to improve it. Last week, looked at roads themselves. This week, we look at more personal aspects of road safety, such as what and how we drive. Read More

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Can P platers drive high performance cars?

Learners who’ve just passed their driving test can enjoy the freedoms of being on P plates. But they still have to wait for some of the benefits of having a full licence. One is being able to drive any car they like, especially a high performance vehicle. Find out what P platers can and can’t do and what cars they can drive. Read More

Do you want this new car tech?

New cars increasingly carry new driver assistance technologies. They are designed to help you drive more efficiently and safely. But what if they don’t help all the time? Studies show it’s still too early to rely on them. At the same time, drivers want tech that helps them keep control of their vehicle, rather than tech that takes control away. Read More

Road safety: Much more than safety of roads Part 1

A huge report from the national Joint Select Committee on Road Safety has been released. It has hundreds of ideas about road safety in Australia and how it can be improved. has chosen a few interesting ideas. While there’s a lot more to road safety than safe roads, Part 1 is about roads. Read More

Why don’t we stop drink driving?

How often do you see police cars lined up to random breath test passing drivers? It was much less common in 2020, yet a bigger percentage of drivers had illegal alcohol levels in their blood. The NRMA claims we’ve become more complacent about drink driving, but are there other reasons? Why don’t we stop drink driving?

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6 reasons not to drive through floodwaters

While extreme weather is a fact of life in Australia, record East Coast storms are currently devastating people and property. Every year, around half of all drowning deaths occur when someone tries to drive through floodwaters. Here are 6 reasons why driving through floodwaters is crazy. Read More

What colour is your vehicle?

White is the all-time favourite for most light vehicles in NSW. Motorcycle riders favour Black, even though it makes them harder to see. Some colours are clearly safer than others. But is colour a factor in insurance premiums? Does colour affect the price of your greenslip? Read More

Where are the accident black spots?

In Sydney, the worst place for car accidents is the Hume Highway at Liverpool. It has held this position for the past 8 years except one. Meanwhile, Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for crashes and any weekday afternoon between 1pm and 4.30pm. Find out how to avoid the worst accident black spots. Read More