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Why parking is getting harder

Do you think it’s getting harder to park? If you live in the city, it’s getting harder because many cars have outgrown the standard size parking space. This means there’s more chance of damage while parked. Find out whether your green slip covers you for car park accidents or prangs and scrapes. Read More

Tricky road rules that could trip you up

Among the thousands of road rules in NSW, there are some that could trip you up. A few of them might even sound unlikely at first. Here we explain some tricky road rules, why they exist, and the fines and demerit points that apply if you break them. Read More

over the limit accidents

What to do if you have a car park accident

It’s all too common to have an accident in a shopping centre car park. Car parks are crowded and many spaces are just too tight for large vehicles. Most accidents happen while vehicles are parked and shoppers come back to a nasty surprise. What can you do about car park accidents? Read More

automatic parking

How much it costs to park in Sydney

It can cost up to $7.60 to park on the street in Sydney. That’s relatively cheap compared to going to the beach. It’s $9 per hour at Balmoral Beach in summer or $10 per hour ($15 in a car park) at Manly Beach. Is Sydney’s parking the most expensive in the world? Read More

parking rangers

The trouble with parking

If you live in one of Australia’s major cities, you probably have trouble with parking. At Sydney Airport, you can pay the highest rates per hour in the world. Sydney and Brisbane parking, of all kinds, is the third and fifth most expensive in the world. Some of us don’t want to pay at all to park. But did you know parking rangers are least likely to work on Fridays? Read More

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To park or not to park

Australians love their cars, but they don’t love parking them in our congested cities. There seem to be two opposing solutions to the problem. One is to look for more ways to create parking spaces. The other is to make it harder to park by removing parking spaces. greenslips.com.au will look at each option. Read More

kerb space

Curb demand for kerb space

Most people have experienced some kind of road rage while they were out and about. But another form of rage may be brewing, which greenslips.com.au calls kerb rage. In the last few years, competition for limited kerb space has intensified. Read More

just looking

Just looking for parking

Looking for parking is just part of driving in busy cities. But do you know how much time you spend looking? In fact, you can spend 14 hours each year just looking for a parking space. It’s ironic that a machine built for travelling spends 95% of the time parked. Read More

Parking fines: Move to Melbourne

People who no longer live in Sydney often say they left because of traffic and parking headaches. Even Melburnians pay much lower fines for the same offences than Sydneysiders, who are racking up huge parking fines. Meanwhile, councillors in Adelaide are calling for CBD parking fines to be cut in half because they are deterring visitors.

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