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Summer travels with Charlie, Luna and Gucci

So you’re off on summer holidays and you want to take Luna, your four-legged friend. First, ask if it’s a good idea to take her with you. Second, prepare to make her (and you) comfortable and happy on the way. Plus a few tips about what not to do. Read More

Touchscreens and other driving distractions

Driving distractions are increasing. Distraction is also one of the hardest things to track, measure and prevent. Many tech functions in cars, such as touchscreens, only distract you more. Meanwhile, new US research shows delivery drivers, parents and young people are more distracted than others while driving. Read More

smartwatch distraction

Road Safety: Driver distraction. Part 3

This blog is the last in the greenslips.com.au series Road safety: Much more than the safety of roads. One of the big five killers is distraction. It’s also one of the hardest to track, measure and prevent. Here are the latest ideas on driver distraction. Read More

traffic lights

Traffic lights – not a signal to use your phone

Do you agree the most effective way to stop the use of mobile phones while driving is to turn them off? Most people think so but very few actually do it. When in heavy traffic or stopped at traffic lights, drivers are even more likely to use their phones. It appears we still don’t grasp the real risks of using phones while driving. Read More

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Keep an eye out for wildlife

Winter is the peak period for road collisions with animals. It can be distressing to crash into an animal on the road or even just to see roadkill. As we start driving around NSW again, it is worth keeping an eye out for vulnerable wildlife. Read More

drink driving alcohol limits RBT

It’s the limit: drink driving

More than 200 Australians die and many more are seriously injured each year because of drink driving. On average, drink driving causes around 18% of all road deaths in this country. Some experts think the best approach is to lower the alcohol limit to .02 or even zero. Read More

Who are the worst drivers, actually?

Over half of Australian parents admit to breaking the law while their kids are in the car. Apparently, owners of high status cars are not much better and tend to flout traffic rules too. NRMA even found luxury sedan owners were 29% more likely than other drivers to be involved in collisions. So who are the worst drivers? Read More

Mobile phone fines courteous

Still using your mobile! Really?

Queensland now has the toughest penalties in Australia for people caught illegally using their mobiles while driving. According to the latest Budget Direct survey, most people think heavy fines ($1,000 or more) and demerit points will deter people from texting. Yet, more than a quarter say nothing will stop them! Read More

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Middle aged men are dying on the roads

Middle aged men now have more chance of dying on NSW roads than young people. Latest figures for 2019 show 13 more men aged 30-59 lost their lives in 2019, compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, there was a historic low of 14 deaths of young people 17-20. Why are men of all ages still the main casualties? Read More

on the phone

Mobile phone addiction and driving

Have you ever felt anxious when you heard a phone alert while driving? Do you have a fear of missing out (FOMO)? Do you agree it’s dangerous for others to use their phones while driving but you can do it safely? You’re in good company. Nearly 19% of drivers are on the phone while on the road. Read More