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Let’s start rewarding good driving

We are all familiar with that sinking feeling when you find an official ticket on your windscreen. But did you know most people function better when their environment offers potential rewards? There are very few opportunities for rewards on NSW roads. The best we can manage is a 50% discount on your drivers licence – but only if you have no demerits for 5 years! Read More

Transport affordability in Sydney and Wagga Wagga

Most Australians would think Sydney is the most expensive city for getting around. This is mainly because of toll roads. It costs $429 a week for an average Sydney household. But if you consider transport costs as a share of income, Sydney’s 15% is the fourth most expensive city for transport. Brisbane is the least affordable.

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Thieves like green cars and Commodores

The chances of getting your car stolen are greater than you think, especially if you have a green car or live in Victoria. The next most popular colour is black, especially if you own a large car, sports vehicle or light commercial.

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Why insurers want your data

Many people have better things to do than fill in forms for the government, bank or insurer. But what if you didn’t have to give personal information because your insurer already has the answer? This is why green slip insurers would like access to your up to date data.

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Future of CTP insurance for driverless cars

CTP green slips have been in the news because of proposed reforms by the NSW government. But what will happen to the idea of CTP when cars can drive themselves? The current NSW CTP scheme is partially fault based. If there is no driver in an accident with a driverless car, whose fault will it be?

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How is your green slip premium spent?

Each time you pay for your green slip, do you wonder exactly how your premium is spent? Motorists buy a green slip to pay for others who are injured or killed in a motor accident. Like any type of insurance, they do not know if they will ever have to make a claim.

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New ideas to reform the green slip scheme

Prices for green slips continue to climb and Minister Victor Dominello says the green slip scheme is ripe for reform. He just released a discussion paper for people who want to have a say about improving the green slip scheme.

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Will driverless cars render car insurance pointless

The thought of a computer operating your car while you sit back sounds like something you would read about in a science fiction novel. However, driverless cars are already being experimented with in Japan and could very well replace human drivers within the next decade or two. The notion of driverless cars sounds appealing; a computer, after all, is not prone to human negligence or making potentially fatal errors in judgment, such as getting behind the wheel intoxicated or texting while on the road.

For the most part, driverless vehicles represent a step in the right direction, both in terms of technology and reducing road accidents, which ultimately translates to saving lives. This also renders car insurance obsolete, which has some in the industry worrying.

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