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rideshare drivers

Green slips for rideshare drivers

As a rideshare driver, you pay extra for your green slip depending on how far you travel with a fare-paying passenger. You also have to make sure your motor insurance policy covers you for rideshare. Find out how much you could pay for a rideshare green slip. Read More

CTP protects people not cars

CTP is compulsory third party insurance to cover people who are injured or die in a road accident involving your vehicle. If you want to protect your car, you also need comprehensive insurance or third party property damage insurance. Make sure you know the difference between CTP and other types of motor insurance. Read More

What are the risk factors in my greenslip price?

Green slip insurers in NSW base their prices on quite a few risk factors. Some risk factors are more important than others, such as where you live, type of vehicle and your driving history. The greenslips.com.au Calculator gives you the cheapest available price based on any increases or discounts insurers give for these risk factors. Read More

ute green slip

Tradies compare prices for a ute green slip

Utes are certainly popular and not just with tradies. Here’s the proof: Australia’s top three new vehicles in 2023 were Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Isuzu D-Max. Are you looking for a ute green slip? Find out how to compare green slips for your ute. Read More

country roads

How to stay safe on country roads

More people die on country roads than in the cities. Why? Country roads are more likely to be narrow, unsealed, potholed, or have deep ditches. Drivers tend to travel longer distances and are more prone to accidents in poor weather or with wild animals. Find out how to stay safe on country roads. Read More