passenger cars

Nobody wants passenger cars anymore

Only one passenger car entered the Top 10 sales charts in February 2022, the first time on record. Australians have made a big shift in their preferences. After all, the last time passenger cars outsold SUVs was in 2016. Is it true nobody wants passenger cars anymore? Read More


Hybrids are Australia’s favourite electric cars

Australians are buying 10 new hybrids for every new electric vehicle. Yet there are far more media stories about EVs than about hybrids. Do buyers think hybrids are better than EVs for our conditions? Or are they just not convinced to take the plunge into electric? Read More

How do I transfer registration?

If you buy or sell a vehicle, you need to transfer registration to another vehicle. The process is fairly simple for the buyer and seller. We clarify what happens to the green slip. If you have moved to NSW, learn how to transfer your vehicle registration and drivers licence to NSW. Read More

Change in the way we buy cars

In the last 4 years, Australians have changed the way they buy cars. They’re taking longer to do it, and spending more time researching online. Choice is also very influenced by their spouse or partner. However, there is a gap between the vehicle they intend to buy and the one they actually buy. Read More

Death of the manual transmission

In 2020, only 5% of passenger cars and 1% of SUVs bought in Australia had a manual transmission. During 2019, even sales of electric vehicles were higher than sales of new manuals in the US. Electric vehicles are auto transmission only. It looks like we are witnessing the death of the manual transmission. Read More

Up to speed

After being removed last year, fixed and portable warning signs for mobile speed cameras in NSW are coming back. The backflip comes after a public backlash and a whopping increase in fines. Even so, we know 98% of motorists don’t speed past mobile speed cameras. Does that mean 98% of Australians don’t speed at all? Read More

Do emissions targets work?

Results from the new voluntary CO2 emissions standard just came in: carmakers missed the targets. It’s easy to blame the types of vehicles we prefer, or the poor standard of fuel in Australia. However, setting targets for emissions is only one option. Another is to create incentives for people to choose low emissions cars. Read More

Is it better to buy a new or used car in 2021?

After a hairy 31 months of plummeting sales, we want to buy cars again. Pent-up demand combined with low supply has pushed prices of used cars higher than they have ever been. Is it better to buy a new or a used car? Is it cheaper to insure a new or a used car? We investigate. Read More