Old cars, your teens and safety

The average age of vehicles in Australia is higher than the average in developed nations. Yet technology has changed a lot in 10 years and many safety features are only available on newer models. Some groups are urging government to make it easier for people to afford newer vehicles to help stem the rate of road deaths and injuries. Read More

Drive a collapsible vehicle

Imagine if you could take your car anywhere with you – even on the bus or inside your house. A collapsible vehicle may seem like a wild idea, but it is perfect for congested cities, narrow streets or parking at home. These three examples may whet your appetite. Read More

The trouble with cutting emissions

The VW diesel emissions debacle showed the world it was all too easy to fudge the figures on cutting emissions. Now the Australian government is in discussions with industry on setting emission standards for new vehicles. Unfortunately, different groups come up with their own statistics, making it harder for consumers to know the truth. Read More

The future is fly and drive

Humans have always been fascinated by the idea of being able to fly because we are so earthbound. But watching birds take off and fly offers science a few ideas for how we might do the same. Just as birds, insects and other animals can walk and fly, there is potential for a flying machine that works efficiently on the ground and in the air. Read More

We might forget how to be good drivers

There are two big trends in driving that could be working against each another. One is that new vehicles come increasingly equipped with driving aids, such as lane-assist, self-parking and blind spot technology. The second is drivers are becoming lazy and more distracted by gadgets in their vehicles. What is the result? More road deaths and serious injuries and – worse – we forget how to be good drivers. Read More

Are dealerships on the way out?

You might not want to buy a car but it can be fun looking around a dealership to see what’s on offer. That may soon change. Some 85% of leaders in the global auto industry are convinced 20-50% of dealerships will be shut within seven years. So what will local dealerships do then? And how will we buy a car? Read More

Safety tips for buying used cars

If you want to buy a used car, here are some tips about which models are safest. An Australian study, led by Monash University, gives 1-5 star ratings for nearly 400 models of vehicle. There was a huge difference between the best and the worst. In fact, a driver in the least safe car is 10 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than in the safest car.

Read More

Why and where people break down

There’s never a convenient time for your vehicle to break down but most people break down some time. The most common reason in NSW, according to NRMA, is flat batteries. In Britain, the top reason for AA callouts is tyre-related, ahead of battery faults. Read More

Too many still dying on the roads

Around 1,200 people die on Australian roads each year and 800 are seriously injured each week. Towards Zero recognises there’s no acceptable level of death or injury on the roads. Yet the annual road toll has fallen only 13% since 2010, well short of the National Road Safety Strategy 2020 target of at least 30% drop. Read More

The highs and lows of cycling

Did you know around half of NSW residents have access to at least one working bicycle? The chances are it stays in the garage most of the time. While only 1 in 8 people ride a bike in a typical week, less than a third have ridden it in the past year. Read More