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The need for speed: top 10 FAQs

Speed and speeding are an essential part of road safety in Australia. Even so, you may not always know what you can and can’t do when it comes to speed. greenslips.com.au has compiled a top 10 of FAQs about the need for speed and speeding. Read More

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Are women safer drivers than men?

Are women better drivers than men? You can expect a lively debate about that subject. But are women safer drivers than men? greenslips.com.au has been looking at the facts and found women are generally safer drivers than men. Read More

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Road safety: Much more than safety of roads Part 1

A huge report from the national Joint Select Committee on Road Safety has been released. It has hundreds of ideas about road safety in Australia and how it can be improved. greenslips.com.au has chosen a few interesting ideas. While there’s a lot more to road safety than safe roads, Part 1 is about roads. Read More

Where are the accident black spots?

In Sydney, the worst place for car accidents is the Hume Highway at Liverpool. It has held this position for the past 8 years except one. Meanwhile, Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for crashes and any weekday afternoon between 1pm and 4.30pm. Find out how to avoid the worst accident black spots. Read More

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Up to speed

After being removed last year, fixed and portable warning signs for mobile speed cameras in NSW are coming back. The backflip comes after a public backlash and a whopping increase in fines. Even so, we know 98% of motorists don’t speed past mobile speed cameras. Does that mean 98% of Australians don’t speed at all? Read More

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Speeding hurts people and your pocket

Your chances of getting caught speeding in NSW are now higher than ever. Since it removed warning signs, NSW government has netted nine times more revenue from mobile speed cameras. Fines were $3.4 million in January 2021, from only $382,000 in January 2020. That doesn’t include fines issued by fixed cameras and police. Meanwhile, it’s still not obvious speed cameras are saving lives. Read More

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Daft and not so daft road rules

There are some daft and not so daft road rules in Australia and you may not even know they exist. We tend to forget a lot of what we had to learn to pass driving tests. But it’s debatable how useful some of those rules are. For example, how many Western Australians carry heavy sacks of potatoes in their cars? Who today ties a goat to their vehicle in Victoria? Read More

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Who gets the speeding tickets?

Nearly half (45%) of all road deaths in NSW in the year up to August 2020 involved speeding. Did you know some people are more likely to speed than others? It depends on which vehicle they drive, what they do for a living, and whether they are male or female. Read More

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It’s the limit: drink driving

More than 200 Australians die and many more are seriously injured each year because of drink driving. On average, drink driving causes around 18% of all road deaths in this country. Some experts think the best approach is to lower the alcohol limit to .02 or even zero. Read More

Who are the worst drivers, actually?

Over half of Australian parents admit to breaking the law while their kids are in the car. Apparently, owners of high status cars are not much better and tend to flout traffic rules too. NRMA even found luxury sedan owners were 29% more likely than other drivers to be involved in collisions. So who are the worst drivers? Read More