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Summer travels with Charlie, Luna and Gucci

So you’re off on summer holidays and you want to take Luna, your four-legged friend. First, ask if it’s a good idea to take her with you. Second, prepare to make her (and you) comfortable and happy on the way. Plus a few tips about what not to do. Read More

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Is now a good time to buy a caravan?

Are you wondering whether it’s a good time to buy a caravan? Since the pandemic stimulated demand, more people than ever have enjoyed a taste of taking holidays in a caravan. Even with cost of living pressures, there’s no sign the appeal is wearing off. In fact, caravans could become more popular than ever. Read More

Save money on caravan rego and tolls

If you want to take your next holiday in a caravan, you’re not alone. The caravan and mobile home industry is certainly thriving now. Parents with young children are the single biggest group in the buoyant caravanning crowd. Find out how you can save money on caravan rego and tolls. Read More

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The van life – with your dog

Summer holidays are just around the corner and many people will be packing their vans for a trip. Van sales are booming and so are pet sales. In Australia, we already have more household pets than people, so you will probably be taking your dog on holiday too! Read More


Do you want to buy a caravan?

Last week we wrote about how everybody wants a Ute. But we want caravans too. Demand for new and used caravans is so strong, dealers are struggling to keep up. While everyone has to take their holidays within Australia, caravans make good sense. Do you want to buy a caravan? Read More


Everyone wants to go camping

In 2019, caravanning and camping became our favourite type of holiday. Half a million Australians say they plan to take a camping trip in the near future. It’s no longer just the grey nomads who are doing it. There are now more people with no kids or aged 20-29 than families and lots of keen first timers. Read More

Caravans are in demand but why such high rego?

Going away in a caravan is becoming very popular and it’s no longer just the grey nomads who are doing it. Latest figures show people 30-54, often families, are taking to the road in their caravans too. In the year to June 2016, two records were broken:

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Australians love their caravans

If you thought there were more caravans on the roads these days, you were right. The fastest growing registration type – 5% per annum for 6 consecutive years – is caravans and campervans.

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Driving with a trailer: Important safety tips

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car is a different experience. Whether it’s the route you’re travelling, the people you have with you, the conditions outside the car or the type of vehicle you’re driving, you need to be alert and aware at all times to ensure that every journey is a safe one.

For example, if you should ever need to drive with a trailer, there are some important safety precautions to keep in mind. A trailer is an added element to the driving experience that requires some extra knowledge and skill to tow safely.

All types of trailers (including caravans) can affect the handling of your car. You need to take into account the potential effects on fuel consumption, acceleration, braking ability, control and manoeuvrability.

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