Travelling with your dog

Did you know that in Australia, we have more household pets than people? The most popular pet is a dog and a quarter of all households own a dog or two. Many people like to take their dogs with them wherever they go – on holiday, to the shop or cafe. But do you how to travel safely – and legally – with your dog? Read More

Car thefts – don’t get caught on holidays

The last thing you want to think about at holiday time is having your car stolen. Yet 20% of all car crimes happen in December and January and 60% of car thefts happen while the car is parked at home. Remember you can take steps to deter thieves this holiday break. Read More

All we want for Christmas are smart drivers

In the crazy lead-up to Christmas, our attention turns to gifts, Summer holidays and road trips. Everyone is on the road and the potential for accidents is high. Is it possible smart cars are making our driving increasingly dumb? Perhaps it’s time to encourage smart driving – even if you own a “dumb” car. Read More

Who can explain the domination of SUVs?

Even in this flat market, there is one kind of vehicle that is still selling – the SUV. While all SUVs already have about 45% of the Australian market, it won’t be long before it becomes 50%. The question is why. There are many boxes they obviously do not tick and yet we still buy them in droves. Read More

We dont really like to share

A new term is doing the rounds in transport circles: “shared mobility”. On the face of it, this sounds new and advanced. But how is it different from travelling by bus or train, which is a traditional form of mobility shared? Given our obsession with travelling in private vehicles, we wonder whether people actually like to share. Read More

Why we will not give up our cars

There are 19.5 million registered vehicles travelling on Australia’s roads this year, 1.7% more than in 2018. This is slightly below the 2.1% annual average, but still climbing. In the US, car ownership goes up by about 4% per year. So why did academic Tony Seba claim private car ownership would drop 80% by 2030? Will we give up our cars? Read More

Where is petrol heading?

Stopping to buy petrol or diesel for your vehicle is an everyday task you may not think much about. Even so, experts are predicting the demise of petroleum, vehicles that run on fossil fuels, and your local service station. One report predicts 80% of fuel retailers could be out of business within 15 years. Read More

Don’t put young people in old cars

Parents of older teenagers may relate to that feeling of trepidation as they drive alone for the first time on P plates. Unfortunately, young drivers are more likely to be in old cars. Four fifths of young people under 20 who died in a car crash were in vehicles that were more than 10 years old. Should we be putting young people behind the wheel of old cars? Read More

Road trauma happens to the most vulnerable people

In the last year, 367 people have died on our roads, 9% less than the previous year (May figures). During 2018, 11,180 were seriously injured, 9.4% less than the previous year. This improving trend hides some crucial detail about the vulnerable people who are most likely to be killed or injured on our roads. Read More

Cars (and their drivers) we love to hate

It used to be Holden drivers hated Ford drivers and Ford drivers hated Holden drivers. Now there’s a huge choice of car brands to hate and love. But attitudes to their drivers sometimes border on the irrational. For example, why do people hate Prius drivers so much? Read More