passenger cars

Nobody wants passenger cars anymore

Only one passenger car entered the Top 10 sales charts in February 2022, the first time on record. Australians have made a big shift in their preferences. After all, the last time passenger cars outsold SUVs was in 2016. Is it true nobody wants passenger cars anymore? Read More


Hybrids are Australia’s favourite electric cars

Australians are buying 10 new hybrids for every new electric vehicle. Yet there are far more media stories about EVs than about hybrids. Do buyers think hybrids are better than EVs for our conditions? Or are they just not convinced to take the plunge into electric? Read More

What colour is your vehicle?

White is the all-time favourite for most light vehicles in NSW. Motorcycle riders favour Black, even though it makes them harder to see. Some colours are clearly safer than others. But is colour a factor in insurance premiums? Does colour affect the price of your greenslip? Read More

Change in the way we buy cars

In the last 4 years, Australians have changed the way they buy cars. They’re taking longer to do it, and spending more time researching online. Choice is also very influenced by their spouse or partner. However, there is a gap between the vehicle they intend to buy and the one they actually buy. Read More

Car theft watchdog closes its doors

Every 12 minutes somebody in Australia steals a car and more than a quarter of owners never see it again. Even so, the theft watchdog, National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, has just closed its doors. Be extra vigilant if you own a Holden Commodore/Toyota HiLux, live in Penrith/Tamworth, or go out on Friday/Saturday nights.

Read More

Driving after lockdown

The recent lockdown saw a huge drop in traffic on Sydney’s streets. There were only 65 million journeys, 43% less than the same period in 2019. No doubt traffic will build up again after lockdown. If surveys are right, many people have neglected to maintain their cars. Further, could the lockdown affect people’s driving abilities? Read More

Do all greenslip insurers cover me if it’s my fault?

Many people ask if their insurer’s green slip will cover them if they have a road accident and it’s their fault. In fact, all CTP insurers in NSW must by law provide exactly the same cover. But if you are at fault and make a claim, the NSW scheme does not cover you to the same extent as someone who is not at fault. Read More

Why Utes rule

It’s clear that Utes rule. Toyota Hilux has been the bestselling vehicle in Australia for 5 years. In the 12 months to February 2021, sales of new Utes overtook sales of passenger cars. Even in the US, a pickup (Ute) is the new family car. So why the fascination with Utes? Read More

Daft and not so daft road rules

There are some daft and not so daft road rules in Australia and you may not even know they exist. We tend to forget a lot of what we had to learn to pass driving tests. But it’s debatable how useful some of those rules are. For example, how many Western Australians carry heavy sacks of potatoes in their cars? Who today ties a goat to their vehicle in Victoria? Read More