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used or new car

Is it better to buy a new or used car in 2024?

Australians are snapping up new cars, especially SUVs and utes. The most popular choice in April was the Toyota Rav4 followed by Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. Meanwhile, prices of used cars are starting to fall again. Is it better to buy a new or a used car? We list the benefits so you can decide. Read More

ute green slip

Tradies compare prices for a ute green slip

Utes are certainly popular and not just with tradies. Here’s the proof: Australia’s top three new vehicles in 2023 were Ford Ranger, Toyota HiLux and Isuzu D-Max. Are you looking for a ute green slip? Find out how to compare green slips for your ute. Read More

The big car habit

Should we kick the big car habit? Australians love big, chunky SUVs and light commercial vehicles that can carry a tonne. There are several good reasons why we like them, including safety, space and tax breaks. But if we kicked the habit, what would we buy instead? Read More

parking station

Why parking is getting harder

Do you think it’s getting harder to park? If you live in the city, it’s getting harder because many cars have outgrown the standard size parking space. This means there’s more chance of damage while parked. Find out whether your green slip covers you for car park accidents or prangs and scrapes. Read More


Make sure nobody steals your car

Did you know car thefts have gone up, especially in regional areas? Your car is most likely to be stolen if it’s a Holden, Jeep, Land Rover or Audi and was manufactured before 2011. Meanwhile, a separate small survey of motorists claims Queensland is the car theft capital of Australia. Read More

Charging an EV save money, batteries

Our complete guide to electric vehicles – Part 2

There’s a big worldwide push today for motorists to switch to driving electric vehicles. In Australia, only 3.4% of new vehicle sales are pure electric and about 83,000 EVs are currently on our roads. It’s early days and there is still a lot to learn. This is Part 2 of our complete 2-Part guide to electric vehicles to help you make your decisions. Read Part 1 here. Read More

How to compare green slips for your ute

Do you need a green slip for your ute? For the first time, every new vehicle in Australia’s Top 3 sales in March 2023 was a ute: Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max. This year, light commercials have 22.1%, SUVs have 55.1% and passenger cars only 18.7% of the new car market. Find out how to compare green slips for your ute. Read More