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Toll review addresses high tolls

Most people say tolls are too high and unfair. A recent independent toll review sought opinions from the public, businesses, local Councils and other parties. See whether you agree with the reviewers and what they want to do next with tolls. Read More

How to save money on tolls

If you pay road tolls regularly, you know how pricey they have become. greenslips.com.au has been calculating the cost of five trips in Sydney for over 6 years. In that time, toll charges for those trips have gone up by 25%, and doubled if a trip included the M5 East. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money on tolls. Read More

cost of running car

How much does it cost to run a car in Sydney?

Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city to run a car. The top 3 highest costs for an owner are car loans, fuel and tolls. If you have a loan, it could cost you 56% more every week to run a car than someone without a car loan. How much does it cost to run a car in Sydney? Read More


What next for the Sydney Harbour tolls?

The current tolling arrangement for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel ends 31 August 2022. What will happen to tolls now the Western Harbour Tunnel is being built? Perhaps it’s time to stop addressing individual tolls and start looking at the whole network. Read More

congestion tax charging and tolls to reform

The high cost of travel: A congestion tax? Part 2

London was first to impose a congestion tax to enter the city. Now the NSW government is discussing ideas for a congestion tax in Sydney. It’s also considering road user charges based on how far you travel. If a congestion tax is coming, driving to work could get more expensive. Read More

high cost of owning a car

The high cost of travel: In Sydney (part 1)

The average household in Sydney pays more to get around by car and public transport than others in Australia. It spends a sizeable $474 per week ($24, 670 per year), which swallows 15% of average income. Meanwhile, other city households pay $20,855, compared to $17,195 per year in the regions. Most alarming for everyone is the high cost of fuel. Read More

congestion tax charging and tolls to reform

One company owns Sydney’s toll roads

One company – Transurban – now controls all Sydney’s toll roads, except for the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. In fact, Sydney is the toll capital of the world, with 135 kilometres of tolled roads and more on the way. Did you know toll prices are rising twice as quickly as real wages? Meanwhile, some truck drivers are paying out more in tolls than they receive in wages. Read More

congestion tax charging and tolls to reform

What you need to know about toll roads

It’s costing a lot more to drive around Sydney. There are 12 toll roads and still more approved or under construction. While some people would rather go out of their way to avoid tolls, others will pay just to save time. Meanwhile, some suburbs are more affected than others by toll roads and cashbacks. Sydney has become the capital of toll roads. Read More

fuel prices

You spend more on tolls than fuel

It costs Sydneysiders more each week to pay for tolls than to buy fuel. Even though transport costs across Australia fell by 4% and fuel costs fell by 20% in the June quarter, the cost of tolls kept rising. If Sydney had no tolls, vehicle owners would save around $86 a week. Read More

update on tolls

An update on Sydney’s tolls

We last visited the controversial topic of Sydney’s tolls in March 2019. There is some good news for campers who have been paying truck prices, and for drivers who spend over $25 a week on tolls. But thanks to WestConnex M5 East and M8, and to NorthConnex later this year, we are paying more tolls than ever. Read More