congestion charging and tolls

One company owns Sydney’s toll roads

One company – Transurban – now controls all Sydney’s toll roads, except for the Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. In fact, Sydney is the toll capital of the world, with 135 kilometres of tolled roads and more on the way. Did you know toll prices are rising twice as quickly as real wages? Meanwhile, some truck drivers are paying out more in tolls than they receive in wages. Read More

congestion charging and tolls

What you need to know about toll roads

It’s costing a lot more to drive around Sydney. There are 12 toll roads and still more approved or under construction. While some people would rather go out of their way to avoid tolls, others will pay just to save time. Meanwhile, some suburbs are more affected than others by toll roads and cashbacks. Sydney has become the capital of toll roads. Read More

You spend more on tolls than fuel

It costs Sydneysiders more each week to pay for tolls than to buy fuel. Even though transport costs across Australia fell by 4% and fuel costs fell by 20% in the June quarter, the cost of tolls kept rising. If Sydney had no tolls, vehicle owners would save around $86 a week. Read More

An update on Sydney’s tolls

We last visited the controversial topic of Sydney’s tolls in March 2019. There is some good news for campers who have been paying truck prices, and for drivers who spend over $25 a week on tolls. But thanks to WestConnex M5 East and M8, and to NorthConnex later this year, we are paying more tolls than ever. Read More

Highway robbery – Sydney drivers and tolls

Regular users of Sydney’s motorways know toll fees go up every quarter. Few businesses can legally put up prices four times a year for exactly the same product. Now traffic growth is slowing down on many toll roads, especially Lane Cove Tunnel, the Eastern Distributor and M2 Pennant Hills Road. Strangely, nobody seems quite sure why. Read More

Transport affordability in Sydney and Wagga Wagga

Most Australians would think Sydney is the most expensive city for getting around. This is mainly because of toll roads. It costs $429 a week for an average Sydney household. But if you consider transport costs as a share of income, Sydney’s 15% is the fourth most expensive city for transport. Brisbane is the least affordable.

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Westconnex sale – a taste of tolls to come

The NSW government on 31 August 2018 sold 51% of Westconnex to Transurban, owner of 15 of Australia’s 19 toll roads. Competition regulator ACCC at the last minute, cleared the way for Transurban and its partners’ bid.

The hefty $19.3 billion sale price makes Westconnex the state’s biggest privatisation and infrastructure project. It will entrench the company’s position as the dominant operator of Sydney’s toll roads.

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Why the ACCC is worried about WestConnex

Regular users of Sydney’s toll roads will be familiar with that gentle “ping” as they pass through. Unfortunately, that gentle ping can turn into a hefty whack out of the bank account. Chief recipients of this stream of riches are corporate investors like Transurban. Read More

Results of road tolling inquiry

The NSW senate road tolling inquiry has just released an eye-opening report. It recommends more transparency in tolling agreements and the companies involved with them. Motorists have no idea how much of their tax, or their tolls, is going to private financiers to bear which risks. Nor how much profit these companies expect from public infrastructure. Read More

The secrets of road tolls

The NSW inquiry into road tolling began in April 2017 with the intention to remove the secrecy surrounding tolling. Even though road tolls can and do cost motorists thousands of dollars a year, we don’t know much about the road tolling system.

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