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demerit points

Demerit points for different drivers

If you break certain traffic rules, you get demerit points on your licence. Most drivers are suspended if they get 13 or more demerit points in 3 years. However, demerit limits depend on whether you are on Ls or Ps, unrestricted or you work as a professional driver. Read More

speeding hurts run a car

How much does it cost to run a car in Sydney today?

Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia to run a car. The top three costs for an owner are car loans, fuel and tolls. Owners with a loan could spend 57% more every week to run a car than someone without a car loan. We look at how much it costs to run a car in Sydney. Read More

Compare prices

How do you compare greenslip prices?

Have you just received your registration renewal? Now is the time to compare green slip prices. Your cheapest insurer last year may not be the cheapest insurer this year. greenslips.com.au Calculator helps you compare all 6 greenslip insurers in NSW. Read More

Have you used our greenslip calculator?

You may be a regular visitor to greenslips.com.au to compare the cheapest prices for a greenslip in NSW. All calculations on greenslips.com.au are anonymous. We have analysed our greenslip calculator visits during 2023 to see what our typical visitor may look like. Read More

4 ways to remember

How to remember your rego

In 2021-22, police used number plate recognition to catch 60,500 people in NSW who were driving unregistered. Some of them might not have known they were unregistered but unfortunately, that’s no excuse. Luckily, there are good ways to remember your rego. greenslips.com.au can send out an email reminder or a registration reminder sticker for your windscreen. Read More