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cost of running car

How much does it cost to run a car in Sydney?

Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city to run a car. The top 3 highest costs for an owner are car loans, fuel and tolls. If you have a loan, it could cost you 56% more every week to run a car than someone without a car loan. How much does it cost to run a car in Sydney? Read More

thinking transfer

How do I transfer registration to NSW?

Do you need to transfer vehicle registration to NSW? You must do this within 3 months if you’ve moved here from interstate with an interstate vehicle. If you live in NSW but have just bought a vehicle registered in another state or territory, you need to transfer registration. Find out the simple steps to transfer registration to NSW. Read More

How to renew your full drivers or riders licence

Is it time to renew your drivers or riders licence? Service NSW sends out a reminder in case you forget. In most cases, you can renew your NSW licence online but some people will have to go to a centre in person. Find out how to renew your full NSW licence. Read More

high cost of owning a car

The high cost of travel: In Sydney (part 1)

The average household in Sydney pays more to get around by car and public transport than others in Australia. It spends a sizeable $474 per week ($24, 670 per year), which swallows 15% of average income. Meanwhile, other city households pay $20,855, compared to $17,195 per year in the regions. Most alarming for everyone is the high cost of fuel. Read More

old cars unregistered women under 27s

What happens if my vehicle is unregistered?

It’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle and you can pay heavy penalties. However, you can get a permit to drive an unregistered vehicle in certain cases. If you don’t want to re-register a vehicle for any reason, you can cancel registration altogether. Read More

vehicle model variant

Other types of vehicle registration in NSW

In this series on registration and licensing in NSW, we’ve talked about standard vehicle registration. However, there are other types of registration available. These include historic and classic, conditional and seasonal registration. You may also be eligible for registration concessions. Read More

your rego

How do you remember your rego?

Remembering when your registration is due can be like trying to remember your wedding anniversary. greenslips.com.au stickers can at least help you remember your rego. You need to keep your vehicle registered to remain legal – and to save the cost of starting a new registration. Read More

share car transfer rego

How do I transfer registration?

If you buy or sell a vehicle, you need to transfer registration to another vehicle. The process is fairly simple for the buyer and seller. We clarify what happens to the green slip. If you have moved to NSW, learn how to transfer your vehicle registration and drivers licence to NSW. Read More

registration periods

How do I choose a registration period?

The first vehicle registration in NSW is always for 12 months. After that, you can choose a registration period each time you register your vehicle. Your registration period must match your green slip period. In some cases, you must register for 12 months but you can later switch to 6-month registration. Do you know when vehicle registration expires? Read More