Are dealerships on the way out?

You might not want to buy a car but it can be fun looking around a dealership to see what’s on offer. That may soon change. Some 85% of leaders in the global auto industry are convinced 20-50% of dealerships will be shut within seven years. So what will local dealerships do then? And how will we buy a car? Read More

Safety tips for buying used cars

If you want to buy a used car, here are some tips about which models are safest. An Australian study, led by Monash University, gives 1-5 star ratings for nearly 400 models of vehicle. There was a huge difference between the best and the worst. In fact, a driver in the least safe car is 10 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than in the safest car.

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Why and where people break down

There’s never a convenient time for your vehicle to break down but most people break down some time. The most common reason in NSW, according to NRMA, is flat batteries. In Britain, the top reason for AA callouts is tyre-related, ahead of battery faults. Read More

Too many still dying on the roads

Around 1,200 people die on Australian roads each year and 800 are seriously injured each week. Towards Zero recognises there’s no acceptable level of death or injury on the roads. Yet the annual road toll has fallen only 13% since 2010, well short of the National Road Safety Strategy 2020 target of at least 30% drop. Read More

The highs and lows of cycling

Did you know around half of NSW residents have access to at least one working bicycle? The chances are it stays in the garage most of the time. While only 1 in 8 people ride a bike in a typical week, less than a third have ridden it in the past year. Read More

Left handers have more accidents

Children born left handed often struggle more at school. Maybe it’s the smudges on their exercise books from writing with a “crab” hand. Now one UK insurer has found left handers are more likely to cause accidents on the road. They also get 50% more speeding fines and, paradoxically, pass their drivers tests first time. Read More

Horns that quack like a duck

Living on a crossroads in a busy suburb, we hear drivers honking their horns regularly. We even call it “the daily honk”. But what if, instead of the grating klaxon, we heard the quacking of a duck? Read More

Texting kills

Sydney Swans players, Kieren Jack, Sam Reid, Callum Sinclair and Heath Grundy, appear in a funny, new road safety video about texting. The video, Get your hands off it. There’s no excuse., shows younger drivers they must put mobiles right out of sight while driving.

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The decline of LPG

It was not so long ago the NSW government was offering rebates for owners to convert their vehicles to LPG. Times have changed. Now there is little incentive to switch to LPG and alternative fuels are available and more appealing. It means LPG bowsers are disappearing from service stations.
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Dangers of programming satnavs

Around 450,000 drivers in Australia are using satnavs in their vehicles to find their way around. Others use GPS apps on their phones to find maps or to get directions. But not everyone knows the rules for using satnavs while driving – and just how dangerous their use can be.

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