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Top 10 greenslip questions you asked in 2023


This is our top 10 list of questions you asked us during 2023 about green slips and the greenslips.com.au Calculator. Remember, you can contact us anytime with a green slips question.

1. Can you help me make an injury claim?

2. How can I purchase a green slip?

3. Why are your prices different from the insurer?

4. How do I get a refund if my car is written off?

5. I’ve moved to NSW from another state – what do I do with my vehicle?

6. Why doesn’t the calculator recognise my car model?

7. What is the price of a greenslip for a pensioner?

8. Who is my green slip with?

9. How do I get a green slip for rideshare?

10. What happens to my greenslip when a learner drives my car?

1. Can you help me make an injury claim?

If you want to make an injury claim on your green slip, CTP Assist can help you. CTP Assist is a free service set up by State Insurance Regulation Authority (SIRA).

After a road accident and before making a claim, take these four steps:

  1. Find out the registration number of the vehicle at fault as soon as possible.
  2. Find out the insurer of the at-fault vehicle.
  3. Get medical treatment and request a certificate of fitness for work.
  4. Within 28 days of the accident, call the Police Assistance Line on 13 14 14 to report the accident and get a police event number.

Once you have these details, you can use online CTP Connect to start your claim. CTP Connect asks for the date, time and details of the accident and personal details of the injured person. CTP Connect also puts you in touch with the relevant insurer.

You can also contact CTP Assist on 1300 656 919 to answer your questions.

2. How can I purchase a green slip?

To purchase your green slip, contact your chosen insurer using the contact details on your greenslips.com.au Calculator results page. You don’t need your greenslips.com.au reference number for the insurer because it’s for your use with the greenslips.com.au Calculator. After you have paid, the insurer will give you a policy reference number and hold details of your policy. The insurer will immediately notify Service NSW of your payment so you can start or renew your registration.

Note: greenslips.com.au is an independent price comparison site, not a seller of greenslips.

3. Why are your prices different from the insurer?

greenslips.com.au Calculator prices and insurer prices should never be different. This is because prices in the calculator are the same as those submitted by the six licensed insurers to the CTP regulator. It doesn’t matter where you find green slip quotes, they should always be the same for the same information.

If prices appear to be different, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you answer every question in the calculator carefully. If your answer is even slightly wrong, the final prices will be wrong.
  • Use exactly the same information in the greenslips.com.au Calculator as you give the insurer. Check your greenslip renewal notice to make sure the insurer has up to date information.
  • The most common mistake is using the wrong vehicle type. For example, insurers may classify your SUV as a light goods vehicle, not a motor car. So check your rego papers for the code.
  • Some insurer quotes rely on correctly stating any demerit points.
  • NRMA Insurance quotes rely on correctly stating the number of years of continuous relationship.

Also see: Why there should be no price difference.

4. How do I get a refund if my car is written off?

If your insurer classifies your car as written-off, it will be recorded on the NSW Written-Off Vehicle Register. You’ll be notified in writing that your car has been written-off and the registration cancelled. You need to take the number plates to Service NSW within 14 days to complete the cancellation.

Your CTP green slip for the vehicle continues for 4 business days after the registration cancellation date. Your insurer can give you a pro rata refund of any period left on your greenslip less an administration fee.

5. I’ve moved to NSW from another state – what do I do?

When you move to NSW, you have to transfer registration of your vehicle to NSW. The first registration in NSW must be for 12 months but, after that, you can renew registration for 6 month periods. There are 3 steps:

  1. Get a blue slip (safety and identity check) from an authorised inspection station in NSW.
  2. Compare greenslip prices and buy from a CTP insurer.
  3. Go in person to Service NSW with documents proving your identity, residential address in NSW and entitlement to register the vehicle. Service NSW receives electronic copies of your blue and green slips but you may also need a hardcopy of your blue slip.

Next, cancel registration in your previous state or territory. This will also cancel the CTP insurance from that jurisdiction.

Note, if you buy an interstate car, you must transfer registration to NSW in the same way.

6. Why doesn’t the calculator recognise my car model?

If the greenslips.com.au Calculator doesn’t recognise your car model, there are a few possibilities:

  • It’s a heavy vehicle over 4.5 GVM or a non-standard vehicle: the calculator does not work for these makes and models.
  • You chose the wrong vehicle type. For example, some SUVs and 4WDs are classified as motor cars and others as light goods vehicles. Check the shape code on your registration renewal notice.
  • The year of manufacture is wrong: check your registration renewal notice or use the Service NSW Registration Check.

All registered makes and models of standard light vehicles under 4.5 GVM are listed.

7. What is the price of a greenslip for a pensioner?

The price of a greenslip is not discounted for a pensioner. Insurers use many factors to set green slip prices but pensioner eligibility is not one of them.

Pensioners can compare quotes from the greenslips.com.au Calculator in the same way as other vehicle owners. While there are no concessions for pensioners, you can still get a cheaper green slip for a good driving history and a reasonably safe vehicle.

Note, eligible pensioners can get free registration in NSW for one vehicle.

8. Who is my green slip with?

If you have lost your green slip or don’t have it handy, you can still find out who your green slip is with. Service NSW provides a quick service called Registration Check. All you need is the plate number of the vehicle to find out the greenslip insurer. It also shows:

  • Expiry date of greenslip and registration
  • Status (current, suspended or cancelled registration)
  • Restrictions on rego (renewal or transfer)
  • Any concessions
  • Odometer reading.

In some cases, you may have the insurer code but not the name. We provide a list of insurer codes.

9. How do I get a green slip for rideshare?

To get a green slip for rideshare, you pay a fixed amount and a variable amount. The fixed amount is the same annual CTP premium as other passenger vehicles. However, the variable amount is based on how far you travel with a paying passenger. Since 1 April 2018 you pay 10 cents per kilometre in a metro region or 6.6 cents per kilometre if the journey started in a country region. You need to keep odometer readings for your CTP insurer.

Other motor insurers need to know when a vehicle is being used for rideshare. In fact, some do not provide comprehensive or third party property insurance for private vehicles with paying passengers. It is worth checking with your motor insurer.

10. What happens to my greenslip when a learner drives my car?

If a learner drives your car, it may affect the price of your greenslip. Insurers ask for the youngest driver’s age and gender and often, the learner driver is the youngest driver.

However, learner drivers are considered safer than P platers, because an experienced driver supervises them. This is why the greenslips.com.au Calculator asks if any drivers hold a provisional (P) licence (excluding learners) and how long the least experienced driver has held a licence (not including learners).

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