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Younger drivers are more at risk and pay more insurance

The main reason green slips are more expensive for younger drivers is because they are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Drivers 17 to 25 hold 16% of licences
  • More drivers 15-24 die in a road crash than any other age group
  • Drivers 17-20 are three times more likely than drivers over 21 and over to be involved in a serious crash
  • Far more males than females die in road crashes.

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bstreetsmart targets younger drivers

Young drivers across New South Wales are to be the focus of ‘bstreetsmart’, a new on-road safety campaign.

Sydney’s Allphones Arena welcomed more than 22,000 NSW students hailing from 183 different schools from August 24-27 for an immersive, educational demonstration highlighting the importance of safe driving.

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Night driving restrictions reduce the crash rate for young drivers.

For people learning to drive, there are many skills that must be acquired. In addition to navigating different hazards and managing distractions, new drivers must also learn to drive safely in conditions where visibility is poor, such as night. But the crash rate is still too high.

A study sponsored by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development found that young or inexperienced drivers were more likely to be slower at anticipating hazards at night. In addition, novice drivers were also found to be more at risk of experiencing acute sleepiness when they were behind the wheel both at night or in the early hours of the morning.

As such, a number of states have regulations in place to limit the amount of unsupervised nighttime driving for learners.

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Passengers increase the risk for young drivers

Young drivers could be more at risk of a fatal crash when they are carrying passengers, according to a recent study. Young drivers hold 16 per cent of the licences in Australia, and also represent the age group with the highest crash rate, according to the National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA).

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Young drivers less likely to be aware of dangers inside the car

It’s no surprise that young drivers tend to be involved in more than their fair share of road incidents. According to a report compiled by the Parliament of New South Wales, young and primarily male drivers are involved in almost 30 per cent of all fatal crashes and 29 per cent of all motor vehicle crashes – despite making up just 16 per cent of all licence holders. They are not aware of dangers inside the car.

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