The state of ridesharing

It appears ridesharing is not all it was cracked up to be. Half of Australian drivers quit within three months of joining, mostly because of low pay. Many struggle to achieve even an hourly rate of $16. Meanwhile, taxi drivers are complaining bitterly about the effects of Uber and others on their business. Read More

Fewer people are dying on NSW roads

If you watched the news during 2018, you might have thought more people were dying on the roads. We failed once again to meet targets in the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS), for example. took a more positive view. Now the NSW Minister for Roads admits 2018 saw the biggest reduction in the road toll in five years. Read More

The safety or not of SUVs

Seven of the top 10 vehicles we bought in November 2018 were SUVs and commercial utes. In fact, you only have to look around the streets to see we prefer them. Given business and government buy them too, you might think SUVs are safer than other types. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.
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Stop your car from being stolen

The car theft capital of NSW is Blacktown where somebody steals a car every 12 hours. The most popular vehicle to steal in NSW is a Holden Commodore VE 2006-13. Even so, many Australians don’t seem too worried. Does this mean we’re too trusting? Perhaps we’re just innately optimistic – it won’t happen to me! Read More

Drive safely this Summer holiday

In December 2017, 40 people tragically lost their lives on our roads. This was 28 more than in December 2016. The good news is 35 fewer people died in 2018, compared to 2017. This holiday season we want to see that encouraging trend continue. Read More

Impatient driving has a price

Any article on road safety always states the big three killers – speeding, alcohol and fatigue. Distraction by mobiles is another, but there are no solid figures. So far, nobody has looked at the contribution of impatience. Impatience could be the cause or the result of all four killers. Read More

Do you need reminding when your rego is due?

The NSW government reaped more than $240 million in the past 6 years from fines for driving unregistered vehicles. Since registration stickers were phased out in 2013, many drivers just have no idea when their rego is due. Read More

Bertie, Bumble, Betsy and The Beast

The Summer holidays have arrived and that means many of us will be doing a lot of driving. It’s also a good time to introduce some lightheartedness. Did you know many people, especially Baby Boomers, like to name their cars? We also tend to choose colours that link to our age and gender. Remember also, cars get hot in Summer so here are some tips for keeping cool. Read More

How much are you influenced by car ads?

If we were not influenced by car ads, the industry would not pay for them. It’s the fourth largest spender in Australia on TV advertising ($341.5 million in 2016). However, some ads walk a fine line between promoting an exciting car and encouraging speeding or reckless driving. This is where the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) steps in. Read More

What we do behind the wheel half the time

Australian drivers are distracted while driving for nearly half the time, in fact, roughly every minute and a half. Only 5% of us do nothing except concentrate on the road ahead. While researchers are shocked by these results, there is a paradox going on here. Road safety authorities are worried about distraction, but governments and businesses are finding more ways to distract us. Read More