Self-driving cars don’t need drivers but they do need humans

There’s a clever twist in the self-driving car hype. First we hear self-driving cars will be safer than regular cars because humans are just too fallible. Then we hear we are crazy for thinking these vehicles will be safe without human oversight. As a result, it seems self-driving cars don’t need drivers but they do need humans. Read More

Road trauma happens to the most vulnerable

In the last year, 367 people have died on our roads, 9% less than the previous year (as at 8 May). During 2018, 11,180 were seriously injured, 9.4% less than the previous year. This improving trend hides some crucial detail about vulnerable people who are most likely to be killed or injured on our roads. Read More

Peak Car: Are we getting out of cars?

There was a time when all cars ran on combustion engines, we all desired to own one and we drove our own exclusively. All that is changing. Private car sales in all western countries will plateau and plummet. Transport will transform. Peak Car is the time when many people will finally get out of their cars. Read More

Car bans

Would you give up using your car in exchange for travel credit? A local trial in the UK is about to find out. It’s a subtle, typically British move towards nudging cars off the road. Many cities in the world have already moved towards car bans, for example, Vancouver has already met its 2020 active transit target. Meanwhile, Sydney has done nothing. Read More

Update the road rules for tech that distracts drivers

The National Transport Commission (NTC) proposes a long overdue update to the Australian Road Rules. The rules don’t recognise all the distracting technologies available to drivers, whether for entertainment or safety. They may also be confused about what technology is safe to use while driving. It’s time to make it clear what supports and what distracts drivers. Read More

Drivers take risks with safety technology

The chances are many drivers don’t know much about how their car works. Newer cars use advanced driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control (ACC) and others. Unfortunately, drivers don’t understand what safety technology can and can’t do. They could risk their safety by relying too much on it. Read More

Design a sound for your car

Usually we notice the sound our car makes only when it’s the wrong kind. But car sounds are becoming more important for electric vehicles because we simply don’t hear them. This means manufacturers are spending millions to create just the right sound to fit their brand. Read More

Who can resist that buzz on your wrist?

Everyone knows the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. The law is also very clear about penalties for reading, watching and texting on phones. But the road rules don’t mention smartwatches at all. Does that mean you can happily use a smartwatch instead? investigates. Read More

Usage-based insurance improves your driving

IHS Automotive predicts 142 million people worldwide will have usage-based insurance (UBI) by 2023, compared to 12 million today. In Australia, it is still early days for UBI or pay-as-you-go car insurance. But vehicle owners who use telematics will have more control over their premiums by showing insurers how, where and how often they drive. Read More