To park or not to park

Australians love their cars, but they don’t love parking them in our congested cities. There seem to be two opposing solutions to the problem. One is to look for more ways to create parking spaces. The other is to make it harder to park by removing parking spaces. will look at each option. Read More

Curb demand for kerb space

Most people have experienced some kind of road rage while they were out and about. But another form of rage may be brewing, which calls kerb rage. In the last few years, competition for limited kerb space has intensified. Read More

How we feel about self-driving cars

A new worldwide study claims the Chinese feel most positive about self-driving cars. Brits are the most sceptical and Aussies are among the least optimistic. Less than half of Australians think they will make driving safer. Yet a CapGemini study claims how we feel about self-driving cars is mostly positive. Read More

Hydrogen another fuel for thought

Last week’s blog discussed electric vehicles and this week we talk about hydrogen. Fuel cell vehicles powered with hydrogen are still in the early stages, but hydrogen has many advantages over purely electric. Fuel cell vehicles could be ideal for buses, trucks or delivery vans, rather than private vehicles. Read More

Road trauma happens to the most vulnerable people

In the last year, 367 people have died on our roads, 9% less than the previous year (May figures). During 2018, 11,180 were seriously injured, 9.4% less than the previous year. This improving trend hides some crucial detail about the vulnerable people who are most likely to be killed or injured on our roads. Read More

Why Australians want but do not buy electric vehicles

Australians want but don’t buy electric vehicles (EVs). Surveys say they want them, but VFACTS statistics show they buy very few. Our governments, compared to others in the world, have done very little to encourage EVs. With all the mixed messages, it’s no wonder Australia is dawdling behind the rest. Read More

Car sales are down, car loans are up

Australians pay more than $1.4 million in interest on car loans every day and owe $148 billion in consumer debt. They borrowed more than $8 billion in 2017 alone to buy new cars, mostly SUVs and light commercials. Now the shine is going off both car sales and car debt. Read More

Cars (and their drivers) we love to hate

It used to be Holden drivers hated Ford drivers and Ford drivers hated Holden drivers. Now there’s a huge choice of car brands to hate and love. But attitudes to their drivers sometimes border on the irrational. For example, why do people hate Prius drivers so much? Read More

Self-driving cars don’t need drivers but they do need humans

There’s a clever twist in the self-driving car hype. First we hear self-driving cars will be safer than regular cars because humans are just too fallible. Then we hear we are crazy for thinking these vehicles will be safe without human oversight. As a result, it seems self-driving cars don’t need drivers but they do need humans. Read More