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country roads

How to stay safe on country roads

More people die on country roads than in the cities. Why? Country roads are more likely to be narrow, unsealed, potholed, or have deep ditches. Drivers tend to travel longer distances and are more prone to accidents in poor weather or with wild animals. Find out how to stay safe on country roads. Read More

parallel parking

Why don’t we like parallel parking?

Is it true that nobody likes parallel parking? Are men more confident at parking than women? The answers are not as obvious as you might think. As more cars park themselves, there may come a time when we don’t know how to do it.

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parking station

Why parking is getting harder

Do you think it’s getting harder to park? If you live in the city, it’s getting harder because many cars have outgrown the standard size parking space. This means there’s more chance of damage while parked. Find out whether your green slip covers you for car park accidents or prangs and scrapes. Read More

drink driving alcohol limits RBT

When did you last see an RBT?

When was the last time you saw an RBT on the street? The NRMA claims RBTs deter motorists and there should be a lot more of them. We look at the stats on trauma caused by drink driving and question whether some drink driving is still socially acceptable. Read More

buy a green slip

Should cyclists have to buy a greenslip?

All vehicle owners in NSW must be covered by a greenslip in case they injure or kill someone on the road. While drivers can injure or kill cyclists, cyclists can also injure or kill other road users. Yet, they won’t be properly compensated unless the rider can pay. Should cyclists have to buy a greenslip? Read More

Summer travels with Charlie, Luna and Gucci

So you’re off on summer holidays and you want to take Luna, your four-legged friend. First, ask if it’s a good idea to take her with you. Second, prepare to make her (and you) comfortable and happy on the way. Plus a few tips about what not to do. Read More