Results for Operation Drink Drive 1

The NSW Police Force has released the results for Operation Drink Drive 1 (Media Release, 23 February 2014).

The results for Operation Drink Drive 1, which we spoke about in an earlier blog, were as follows:

Road Toll 2
Road Injuries 1,118
Speeding Infringements 1,156
Breath Tests 249,536
Drink-driving charges 124
Traffic infringements 4,534

NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said “There were two fatalities during the Operation Drink Drive 1 period, which is five down on last year.”  He also said that “While the statistics for Operation Drink Drive 1 have been encouraging, with 164 fewer drink-drive charges, our current NSW road toll remains higher than at this time last year”.

Operation Saturation is now underway.

Operation Saturation is a four week blitz on speeding drivers.  Operation saturation will feature high visibility static operations in known accident hot spots.

Operation Saturation continues until midnight on Sunday 23 March 2014.

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