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M5 Tolls Double Charging

What is happening with the M5 toll gates at Holdsworthy?  The M5 is going cashless from 1 July 2013 and a new toll collection gantry has been installed.  For some weeks now, my tag is beeping at both the old toll collection point and at the new toll collection point just up the road.  It seems like double charging.

The website of Interlink Roads Pty Ltd, the operator of the M5, says that the new toll collection gantry is being tested and that you will not be charged twice, despite the tag beeping twice.  How simple would it be for Interlink Roads to install some temporary signage letting people know that they should ignore the second beep on their tag.  There is no signage, no explanation.  Some simple signage could have saved a lot of concern for motorists.

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