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Why more than 1 greenslip?

If, as a “private” vehicle registrar would you not be able to have 2 modes of transport covered by 1 greenslip. You cannot operate 2 vehicles at once! I have a car and a bike and will use the bike in safe clear weather to keep my thirstier car off the road. I also use the bike for some more interesting road travelling. Therefore i will drive 1 at a time. If the greenslip system is designed to cover other peoples medical expenses that I may contribute to (accident) then why cant I have the one green slip cover the 2 vehicles I register. The rorting could be a factor if 1 person were to try and claim 10 vehicles as their own but surely this can be counteracted with a reasonable limit to 2 different forms of transport only (possibly 3). It is ridiculous to have to pay $1200-1400 dollars a year for greenslips on 2 vehicles used at different times.

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